Friday, 12 September 2008

Picture on a Book

It has been two weeks now since Kamila returned to Yambol an she was missing being surrounded by the wonderful nature and the Skalitsa countryside. She caught a glimpse of a sight she had seen a few time on the cover of a book. It was a picture of a sunset taken from the garden of the farmhouse and used as the cover of the book.

"I remember beautiful evenings like that." she said with a sigh. "We just don't get sights like this in the town." she went on to say.

We tried to explain by saying "Well Kamila, there is no work it the villages that why we have to live in the town, to earn money."

"I understand" said Kamila. "But it is a shame that people can't make a living from living in the countryside."

"That's the way of the world Kamila, the cost of living always rising and the country folk struggle to make ends meet." we added.

Kamila was in deep thought after this and walked off slowly to sit down on the sofa. We all wanted to know what her thoughts were.
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