Friday, 9 July 2010

Kamila Is Rather Upset This Summer

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Kamila as busy as ever is rather upset this summer. Why is that you may ask? Well it has been raining almost everyday and all the hard work planting tomatoes has basically been a waste of time as without sun and warm weather they just rot.

It also has a knock on effect on prices in the market. So not only does Kamila not have her own stock of tomatoes to last the year out, but it cost more money than normal to buy. This of course does not only apply to Kamila but thousands of other Bulgarians who are also subjected to the same damp weather conditions.

On the brighter side, Kamila found a great site that sells automotive accessories online, in effect an online superstore. Needing an air filter for her family's car, this seemed like a good place to go until she found out that is was based in the USA! those lucky Americans Kamila whispered to herself.

Never mind Kamila, at least the pepper, cucumbers and marrows are doing well.
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