Monday, 26 January 2009

Kamila's Treasured Award

Kamila's Treasured AwardEvery day is an adventure and full of surprises and today the surprise was another award - "The Friends Forever Treasured Award" from Laura her treasued friend at A Touch Of Scrap.

The blushes came out again as Kamila realised that another touch of fame has come over here. But at the same time she can't understand why all this fuss is being made as she just gets on with things like everone else, including camels. She feels that she has done nothing special other than telling people what goes on in here life and how she feels.

Well Kamila, you are not an ordinary camel as you are very fortunate to travel to lands without deserts and meet the kindest people on earth, both in Bulgaria and Bloggers.

Kamila simple said nothing after that comment and just slowly walked away into the kitchen to do more jobs helping Baba with many thoughts of how lucky she is in this world. Lucky indeed in a world seemingly that has so much hate in it - At least that's what Kamila sees on television, but a kind world is there to see looking out on the Yambol streets, to Kamila this is the real news!

It has been a hard couple of days for Kamila as she had to nominate 5 friends in which to pass this award on to. She finally arrive at the five who now will have this bestowed upon them. They of course can pass this on to another 5 treasured friends in their circles.

Rose at
William at
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa at
Two Greyhounds at
All the Friendly Chaps at

Monday, 19 January 2009

Kamila and Baba - The Caring Couple

Kamila and Baba - The Caring Couple
It has been quite a while in Bulgaria now for Kamila with relationships with many people here becoming cemented. Although Kamila has many friends now here, one friend stands out from the rest. Baba and Kamila spend all day together as we are working most days. The spend lots of time together helping each other and making watch other happy.

Baba is getting on a bit and Kamila realizes that often asking if she is feeling well enough to do certain chores. Of course Baba would never admit to being too ill to tackle jobs. Kamila being a much wiser camel than she was last year knows that Baba’s pride is a danger to herself so Kamila secretly does certain jobs for here to reduce the burden.

They just love each other’s company making each other laugh throughout the day, also with the friendship any problems they may have are talked about, they confide in each other about many things we don’t hear about, that’s how close they are.

It seems that Kamila is bound to stay in Bulgaria indefinitely, as she said the other day, “I love Baba and never want to leave her.” Well we all feel that way about Baba, but also about Kamila, the home certainly wouldn’t be the same without either of them.

Monday, 12 January 2009

After Shave for Women

After Shave for WomenQuite often Kamila sees me shave in the mornings, not recently with this spell of cold weather as Kamila is safely tucked away in the warmth of her bed in the dining room. This is the only heated room in the house during the day and night, it is far too cold anywhere else in the house for a desert camel.

So Kamila knew that after my shave after shave was put on, firstly as a soothing and disinfectant agent after the shave and secondly as a nice smell to go around in for the rest of the day. This of course is normally man business; women have their own perfumes, even though they shave sometimes! Kamila had seen my partner Galia this evening getting ready to go out. There in her hand was my after shave.

"What are you going to do with Martin's after shave?" she asked.

"I like the smell so I will use some for myself before I visit friends," was the reply.

"But this is for men not women," Kamila argued.

Galia responded by saying "Just because it says 'men's after shave' on the bottle doesn't mean that only men have to use it. I have many perfumes that smell the same but have for ladies on the bottle."

Kamila thought for a moment and being a much wiser camel by the minute said. "So the people who make after shave and perfume make it out of the same chemicals and just put for men or women on the packet to get more money?

"Exactly!" Galia sighed

Kamila's face dropped for a moment, but then realising that we are now more clever than the businesses that do this perked up again.

"They can't fool us; can I use some as well? Kamila asked. I want to smell nice and use men's after shave as a protest.

"Okay Kamila, just watch out though, as all the camel boys will be after you if they get the scent!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Where is Bulgaria?

Where is Bulgaria?It was quite a curious Kamila who found a globe of the world on a shelf today. The questions started directly she saw it. After explaining that a globe was like a map on a football, the curiosity now focussed on where different countries were including of course Egypt, England and Bulgaria, all countries Kamila had lived in.

It was quite a shock to Kamila that Bulgaria was so small compared to many other countries and that Europe wasn't that big either. "Russia is a big country," Kamila commented as she surveyed the globe further.
"Well, most of Russia is cold, it can't grow food like we can here," we reminded Kamila.

All evening Kamila studied the globe with fascination as she discovered more and more about where different countries are in relation to where we are.

At the end of the evening just before it was time to go to bed, Kamila just paused for thought again and said. "It doesn't matter where you come from in this world, as long as you have respect for other nationalities."

Well we didn't know what to say in reply to that coming from a seemingly ever-wiser camel. But we agreed with what she said as she put her head down to sleep.

Friday, 2 January 2009

A Fashionable Handbag for Kamila

A Fashionable Handbag for KamilaBeing a female camel Kamila naturally has an eye for fashion. Now it happens that Bulgarian women, especially in the towns and cities have a passion for fashion, but can't afford the brand names so settle for copies of brand names. To be quite honest they are exactly the same as the originals but as a fraction of the cost.

Kamila having now been shopping has seen the fashionable copies of goods in the shops, all at very reasonable prices and decided that a handbag to match her clothing would be a very good accessory.

They don't have New Year sales here, but that never stops women, including female camels, window-shopping everyday in Bulgaria. Kamila was on her way with us out shopping to find a matching handbag.

Five hours later (this is the normal time taken to shop for most Bulgarian women for one fashionable item) the perfect handbag was found and bought and as a result there is now one very happy Kamila. She can now take all the personal things women take with them every time she go out like all the other women.