Monday, 19 January 2009

Kamila and Baba - The Caring Couple

Kamila and Baba - The Caring Couple
It has been quite a while in Bulgaria now for Kamila with relationships with many people here becoming cemented. Although Kamila has many friends now here, one friend stands out from the rest. Baba and Kamila spend all day together as we are working most days. The spend lots of time together helping each other and making watch other happy.

Baba is getting on a bit and Kamila realizes that often asking if she is feeling well enough to do certain chores. Of course Baba would never admit to being too ill to tackle jobs. Kamila being a much wiser camel than she was last year knows that Baba’s pride is a danger to herself so Kamila secretly does certain jobs for here to reduce the burden.

They just love each other’s company making each other laugh throughout the day, also with the friendship any problems they may have are talked about, they confide in each other about many things we don’t hear about, that’s how close they are.

It seems that Kamila is bound to stay in Bulgaria indefinitely, as she said the other day, “I love Baba and never want to leave her.” Well we all feel that way about Baba, but also about Kamila, the home certainly wouldn’t be the same without either of them.

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4 comments: on "Kamila and Baba - The Caring Couple"

Arie Wijaya said...

Awesome Blog you have and
Today i have post about "Pet ownership contributed to their overall health..?" can you give your comment (your experiences)in my blog , thank you so much

Laura said...

Kamila, give everyone my love! You have an award waiting for you on my site.

William/The Author Of * said...

The Kamel is much smaller then I thought.
Nice toy store I imagine. I imagined Hamleys must of looked like an Egyptian Bazaar, though, it was most likely rather generic. Does it have a Crest for Ms. Bucket?