Monday, 26 January 2009

Kamila's Treasured Award

Kamila's Treasured AwardEvery day is an adventure and full of surprises and today the surprise was another award - "The Friends Forever Treasured Award" from Laura her treasued friend at A Touch Of Scrap.

The blushes came out again as Kamila realised that another touch of fame has come over here. But at the same time she can't understand why all this fuss is being made as she just gets on with things like everone else, including camels. She feels that she has done nothing special other than telling people what goes on in here life and how she feels.

Well Kamila, you are not an ordinary camel as you are very fortunate to travel to lands without deserts and meet the kindest people on earth, both in Bulgaria and Bloggers.

Kamila simple said nothing after that comment and just slowly walked away into the kitchen to do more jobs helping Baba with many thoughts of how lucky she is in this world. Lucky indeed in a world seemingly that has so much hate in it - At least that's what Kamila sees on television, but a kind world is there to see looking out on the Yambol streets, to Kamila this is the real news!

It has been a hard couple of days for Kamila as she had to nominate 5 friends in which to pass this award on to. She finally arrive at the five who now will have this bestowed upon them. They of course can pass this on to another 5 treasured friends in their circles.

Rose at
William at
Grr, Midnight & Cocoa at
Two Greyhounds at
All the Friendly Chaps at
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6 comments: on "Kamila's Treasured Award"

chubskulit said...

Thanks a lot for sharing this precious award Kamila and Martin! I'll be posting this tomorrow Mart..

William/The Author Of * said...

How do I pick it up? Thank You. It was surely a surprise. I was just sitting here and saw that someone from Bulgaria was on my blog...hmm. Thank you once again. I'll look forward to entertaining someone in the future. Hopefully, you'll find my blog useful. I especially enjoy My Diverse Kitchen if only for the pictures..I hoped to make a one stop place so that people could lead healthier lives by food, attitude and motivation. :)

Flo said...

Kamila, you are too kind!! We are humbled by your award and thank you. We will honor it and pass it on.


The gang at Feather, Fur and Fins

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