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Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kamila is Looking Forward to Christmas

Well it has been quite journey over the last ten years and Kamila the Camel the original and only Camel Blogger has seen lots, perhaps too much for her own good over the last decade.

It would be quite understandable for Kamila to be confused with life and cultures she has been through - so diverse! From Kuwait to London to Bulgaria to London again and then back to Bulgaria. If you asked her where she felt more at home what do you thing the answer would be?

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If there is one thing Kamila loves more than most it is Christmas and the lead up to the event. Now she does not have a religion, but the ideal of celebrations for Christmas appeal to her. It is a happy occasion not only for Christians but for her to respect the culture she has now found herself in and be part of that culture. As Kamila said, "When in Rome?" I must admit it is a deeply respective Kamila who has the courage and humility to accommodate a foreign culture without any prejudice.

Having said that, Kamila get s a bit impatient for Christmas to come. In the UK it was upon her in October with a three month build up! In Kuwait, noth In Bulgaria they haven't even started thinking about it in local shops and only a sprinkling on TV from manipulative business minded companies who are trying to steamroller the people into spending throughout the lead up to Christmas. Kamila knows that this doesn't work here with the poverty that surrounds the people here. Needless to say Kamila understands how the most influential brains in marketing force even more poverty with wand of credit!

It is now the time for Kamila to get into the mood and look forward to the best season of the year in terms of happiness. It may get very cold but the heart get warmer at Christmas gets closer. Kamila just loves looking forward to life in Bulgaria again with their unique and sociable way of celebrating occasions such as this/

All in all, Kamila says she is very happy, in fact more importantly, completely content with spending the rest of her life in Bulgaria. I can see what she is coming from and the justification for this will unfold as time goes on.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Kamila's New Home

It was a relieved Kamila who arrive at her new home in Bulgaria on the 5th August. She now sits on a self in the living room keeping a wary eye on her hosts every evening. She has many friends who also live with here on the shelf, many coming from England but not all. 

As time ticks on Kamila is keen to try and understand Bulgarian ways and customs which is so different from where she comes from. In the meantime she is just getting a feeling again from her return here. 

Needless to say she this is the happiest she has been for many a year. 

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Kamila the Camel is back in Bulgaria


It has been a long long time since Kamila the Camel has made any statements or observations. 

She has been locked away in London, England for over 6 years with her carers feeling very sorry for herself. Understandable so.

 Although she had been there before as she was for sale in the famous Hamleys toy Shop in Regents Street, she never thought she would return.

History now indeed for Kamiila who looks forward to her new life in Yambol Bulgaria. This is where she learned so much about the culture and Bulgarian ways which make so much sense to her now.

So with renewed vigor and refreshed brain, Kamila is ripe for sharing her experiences once again.

Monday, 8 August 2011

Kamila out of Hibernation

It was a tired Kamila this time last year, too much happened within a short space of time that she didn't know what hit here. The result was an exhausted Camel who needed to take time to recuperate and reflect on what was happening in her life.

Now Kamila has come to terms with the situation she finds herself in and is keen to learn more about here surrounding and the life she now lives. It is indeed a Bulgarian environment that she has accepted and takes the rough with the smooth.

From her days in Hamleys the toy shop in London, this is now a far cry. Today she saw the news from London with petty criminals looting shops, gangs attacking police and vandalising everything in their path. She felt so sorry for those she left there in the wake of this. No such thing in Bulgaria from what she has seen here so far, even though the poverty is far worse!

Kamila now looks forward to observing and telling what she finds.

Happy days ahead.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Batteries Recharged

 Kamila is now geared for more work on this blog very soon. 
She wishes to thank you for your patience.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Kamila Sends Her Regards To All

What with one thing and another, Kamila hasn't had a chance to blog for a while. So in the meantime Kamila would like to send her regards to all and hope everyone is enjoying the summer. It won't be long before the harvest is in full swing and life back in the slow lane again.