Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Taking A Breather And Finding a Useful Window 7 Tool

Kamila has been taking a breather this week and been online as it has rained every day and no work on the crops could be made so she was at a loose end for as long as she can remember. Catching up on things such as blogs is an endless task if left for a long time, anyone who has doen this know what Kamila is talking about.

In Bulgaria there is no such thing as multi-tasking, things are taken slowly and only one thing is done at time. This makes sense as the thing that is being done is sure to be done properly before goingon to the nextg task. This is exactly what Kamila does now.

In between catching up with emails, Skype and Facebook messages, Kamila took a break and decided to surf online a bit. She hadn't done this for ages so it was quite fun. She came across a useful addition to window that some users might find very helpful. With a specials tools built to give a dual monitor function and an Actual Multiple Monitors system that works well this addtion to your existing Windows 7 set up would aid considerably especially if you are extremely active and multi-task frequently. This as said before is something that Kamila doesn't do anymore.

There are many other functions such as virtual desktops and fast access by additional buttons in the title bar that enables you to extend taskbar operations, it is well worth having a look at.

In the meantime, Kamila would like to wish everyone a good wsish for the summer that has just started and hope that you have a go at growing things to store for winter, its hard work but well worth it.

Bardmony. Farm cottages across arable crops.
Kamila has been quiet for some time and for very good reason, the wick has arrived in the centre and the candle is nearly out. In other workd Kamila has been buring the candle at both ends for quite q while now. 

The reaosn is simple. As well as working out int he field all day and evenings, she has been otherwise occupied at weekends by working on repairs to the home. There has been no time to party on or write blogs for that matter.

Things will change in July as the workload dies down. It is far too hot to lay cement and all that needs doing with crops is watering and harvesting, still lots of work but not as much.

So those who follow Kamila deserve and apology for her absence, but this is seasonal and come Autumn Kamila will be able to breathe a sigh of relief once the crops are in fo rthe winter and her wirting and philosophy can continue as before.
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