Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Adgitize Down But The Trust Still There

Kamila was taken aback when she found out that Adgitize was down. She thought it was a little hiccup, but a full 24 hours she started thinking that something was terribly wrong. This happened last year and Ken Brown (The Chief) was quick to compensate the community once back up and running. Kamila knows that he will do the same this time when the server is back up.

Funny, but whenever there is something Kamila wants to know about Adgitize, she only has to turn to Cornyman’s Money Blog and Martin is on the ball and up to date with all that goes on there. It is almost as if Martin is Ken Brown’s right hand man!All said and done,

Kamila knows that Ken is one person she would trust on the web. He has always been open and obliging in every aspect and listens to his created community. Kamila know there is a good reason for the server letting him down and she is just waiting for him to get back up again and back in business.

This should not put people off from joining Adgitize; Kamila can confidently say that Adgitize has always been and remains to be the most cost effective way of getting traffic and earning from it at the same time.

Kamila says ‘Come on Ken, we’re all behind you.

Friday, 22 January 2010

A New Member Of Kamila's Blog Team Arrives - On Bike!

A new member of Kamila team was added recently, you might have notice the penny-farthing bicycle widget added to Kamila’s site recently. Well the site is call Cycle Sights and Kamila has to agree that bicycles and cycles are a great way of getting around, keeping you fit and not least saving money and the environment. Pity more motorists don't take it up.

It is early day with the blog that was started in 2008, but only now are the posts going to be regular. If you love bikes, this blog will be of interest to you. The leader of the pack having working for a while in a Mountain Bike cycle shop in Yorkshire a few years ago has a passion for cycling. He used to ride on and off road with a useful sub-30 minute for a 10-mile time trial and 100 miles in under 8 hours. Also he has completed the coast-to-coast ride (Whitehaven to Sunderland) in the north of England twice.

The blog is just for fun and you may see some unusual posts of bicycles form around the world, including Bulgaria of course. It is mainly a daily picture blog, with a little explanation and comment of the pictures published, ob the same lines as out Yambol Daily Picture blog which does the same.

Kamila hope that her friends will help get this environmentally friendly topic based picture blog (my that’s a mouthful!) off the ground by visiting it. Don’t forget it is a daily post there so don’t miss out.

In the meantime, if you haven’t considered it already, Kamila recommends that you think about starting multiple blogs and work them together. You will find that traffic will increase if you back link them within you main blog to give them a flying start and of course the EC and Adgitize can carry them in a passive way of you haven’t time to drop regularly.

Have a great weekend all, Kamila is staying indoors with all this snow that has fallen this week, definitely Mountain Bike Riding weather right now!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

LinkWithin Is Really A Useful Tool And Free

You may have noticed that many blogs now have a link with their posts suggesting other posts that most closely relate to the one you are reading. This is a very useful addition to add to your site as it may well get your readers to look further into your site with the temptation there in front of them. Kamila has been using it for some time although on fault is that it selects the image used in posts referred to and Kamila has many posts with the same portrait picture of her. This therefore gives many link posts within the site with the same picture, never-the-less it is still better with this internal linking tool than without.

Basically LinkWithin works by placing a blog widget that shows up under each post and links up to related stories from your blog history. As mentioned this includes a thumbnail sized a picture if you have a photograph in the post. You can display up to 5 related posts, and blends in nicely with the design of your post frame with a seamless effect included with most options available. Unfortunately if your blog is not from Blogger, TypePad or WordPress this isn’t an tool that is available for you.

Kamila is very pleased with anything that enhances her blog and brings in more interest for readers especially when it is free and that is exactly what it is FREE and easy to set up. So if you want to get readers to linger longer and add a temptation to explore you previous posts LinkWithin is well worth considering.

Oh and by the way in case you think this is a sponsored post, Kamila can categorically confirm that it isn't.

Kamila says, “Hope is has some benefit to folk.”

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Save Money And Have Fun With Guests In Winter

Kamila is staying in Yambol town this weekend, hence the Entrecard drops to all her friends was made throughout the weekend. This wasn’t the reason for not going to the village; there were many other reasons behind it, mainly the cost. It is with a little wonder Kamila has as to how many other people have a little village retreat they can turn to after a hard week of work.

The cost of spending a weekend in the village is amazingly high. Such as car fuel for 75 kilometres of travel, food, time which involve at least 4 hours with the travel, unpacking, cleaning (vacuuming and dusting inside and sweeping outside) and of course fuel costs namely electric for the immersion boiler for hot water and wood for the wood burner. Kamila had her calculator out and worked out that all these cost put together come to a staggering 40 BGN leva. When you consider that the weekly wage for working a 45-hour a week is less than 100 BGN leva, then that puts it into real perspective.

So it is home that Kamila and her family have opted for this weekend. And that is what this post is all about form Kamila this week. Making savings on fuel food and the like. How much could you save by sharing your home with friends or family for a weekend? What is the cost of heating your home for a weekend when you could share the costs of heating and electric/gas with visitors and reciprocated the following weekend? This is a sensible camel’s thought here in mid-winter and the worry of fuel bills always looming.

So why don’t you invite guest to stay for a weekend? Not only will you save on energy costs, but it would also be great fun. Kamila has found that this is common in Bulgaria throughout the winter months and the benefits are endless, such as saving on phone bills as news can be exchanged face to face.

Winter is hard enough anyway, so to help get through this relatively new experience of a cold season Kamila finds that sharing it with guest really does help the time tick away faster and the savings are a massive bonus.

Kamila says, “Share your home with friends or family this weekend – It makes good sense.”

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Thai Massage - Good For Camel Humps?

Thai Massage -  Good For Camel Humps?
Kamila has a few expatriate friends in Thailand and she often visits their blogs that give a great insight to that part of the world. It may sound quite strange but the habits and traditions of the Thai peoples are quite close to the way things are in Bulgaria.

It came to Kamila’s notice that many people have a lot to learn from foreign cultures such as Bulgarian and Thai regions. They both have a family based society that cares for each other; this is vital in poverty stricken societies of which both have in common.

The health is also very important and in Bulgaria and Thailand many people live to a ripe of age, not just down to diet but lifestyle and alternative medical practices. One alternative method of medical practice that stood out from Thailand to Kamila was the Thai massage. She had read a few accounts of this particular style of massage in a few blogs last year and it was still fresh in her mind when she saw that there was a thai massage video available. You don’t’ have to spend wads of money with thai massage training as you can do-it-yourself using the video and get the benefits free of charge once mastered.

Thai massage is reputed to be one of the best forms of massage and reaches parts other massages can’t reach and that for Kamila may be of benefit to her hump, which has been suffering a bit in the Bulgarian winter.

Kamila is quite keen to learn, but camel hoofs aren’t quite up to Thai Massage practices so she is at a disadvantage. But to someone who has hands the skills learnt could quite easily be a money earner if the massage is practices on paying guests.

“Now there’s an idea!” Kamila says


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blogger's Block? No Problem

Kamila must have looked at literally thousands upon thousands of blogs since she started blogging and all of a sudden it sparked up a question. How can anyone get stuck for something to blog? On occasion there is a pos about having a blogger’s block, in other words not having any inspiration about what to write about. Kamila find this very hard to believe.

How on earth can anyone not have something to post on a blog? The strange ting is that a posting is made about the fact that they haven’t any thing to blog! Problem solved, this time round. There are so may ting you can make a post out of that it is near on impossible to not have material to put together and publish. Her are just ten ideas that will get out of jail is such a situation arises.

  1. Publish a picture or video and comment on it
  2. Review someone else’s blog
  3. Look at the news and talk about a story
  4. Just write about what you did today
  5. Have a moan about something you don’t like
  6. Review something you bought recently
  7. Recommend a few blogs you like visiting and say why
  8. Look at you blog statistics and write up about it
  9. Tell a joke
  10. Write up a recipe you like

There are hundreds of reasons for writing and posting and the only thing that Kamila can put down to not having any ideas is down to not wanting to write, but that’s another agenda.

“Happy blogging,” says Kamila

Saturday, 2 January 2010

EC Top 10 Drop Parade For December 2009

Image representing Entrecard as depicted in Cr...

Top Entrecard droppers for December 2009 have been assessed and Martin's blog All about Babies and Kids has edged out all contenders by one extra drop this month. Cornyman certain is on the ball in EC drops and consistantly is in the top hit parade not just on Kamila's site but many other blogs. If ever there wa sa dedicated Entrecard dude it is Martin.

A big thank you from Kamila again for all her loyal EC droppers who have been duly rewarded with credits as the norm on a monthly basis. Buy some ads and get seen even more with them!

2009 has beenan up and down year for Kamila ans she hopes to consolidate her blog learning and take it forward in 2010 as mentioned on the previous post.

It just remains to wish everyone success not just in bloggin but in life through the coming year.

Here's the Top 10 EC Drop Parade:
Dropper # of drops
All about Babies and Kids 31
Winesworld's blog 30
Best travel pictures in the world 30
Cornymans Blogreviews 30
Funky Town Disco Music 30
Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence 30
The One Minute Guide 30
One World Realty 30
Sparkle 28
Doing Business 20
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