Saturday, 16 January 2010

Save Money And Have Fun With Guests In Winter

Kamila is staying in Yambol town this weekend, hence the Entrecard drops to all her friends was made throughout the weekend. This wasn’t the reason for not going to the village; there were many other reasons behind it, mainly the cost. It is with a little wonder Kamila has as to how many other people have a little village retreat they can turn to after a hard week of work.

The cost of spending a weekend in the village is amazingly high. Such as car fuel for 75 kilometres of travel, food, time which involve at least 4 hours with the travel, unpacking, cleaning (vacuuming and dusting inside and sweeping outside) and of course fuel costs namely electric for the immersion boiler for hot water and wood for the wood burner. Kamila had her calculator out and worked out that all these cost put together come to a staggering 40 BGN leva. When you consider that the weekly wage for working a 45-hour a week is less than 100 BGN leva, then that puts it into real perspective.

So it is home that Kamila and her family have opted for this weekend. And that is what this post is all about form Kamila this week. Making savings on fuel food and the like. How much could you save by sharing your home with friends or family for a weekend? What is the cost of heating your home for a weekend when you could share the costs of heating and electric/gas with visitors and reciprocated the following weekend? This is a sensible camel’s thought here in mid-winter and the worry of fuel bills always looming.

So why don’t you invite guest to stay for a weekend? Not only will you save on energy costs, but it would also be great fun. Kamila has found that this is common in Bulgaria throughout the winter months and the benefits are endless, such as saving on phone bills as news can be exchanged face to face.

Winter is hard enough anyway, so to help get through this relatively new experience of a cold season Kamila finds that sharing it with guest really does help the time tick away faster and the savings are a massive bonus.

Kamila says, “Share your home with friends or family this weekend – It makes good sense.”

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