Sunday, 10 January 2010

Blogger's Block? No Problem

Kamila must have looked at literally thousands upon thousands of blogs since she started blogging and all of a sudden it sparked up a question. How can anyone get stuck for something to blog? On occasion there is a pos about having a blogger’s block, in other words not having any inspiration about what to write about. Kamila find this very hard to believe.

How on earth can anyone not have something to post on a blog? The strange ting is that a posting is made about the fact that they haven’t any thing to blog! Problem solved, this time round. There are so may ting you can make a post out of that it is near on impossible to not have material to put together and publish. Her are just ten ideas that will get out of jail is such a situation arises.

  1. Publish a picture or video and comment on it
  2. Review someone else’s blog
  3. Look at the news and talk about a story
  4. Just write about what you did today
  5. Have a moan about something you don’t like
  6. Review something you bought recently
  7. Recommend a few blogs you like visiting and say why
  8. Look at you blog statistics and write up about it
  9. Tell a joke
  10. Write up a recipe you like

There are hundreds of reasons for writing and posting and the only thing that Kamila can put down to not having any ideas is down to not wanting to write, but that’s another agenda.

“Happy blogging,” says Kamila

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