Monday, 29 September 2008

Religious Camel

Religious CamelIt was a big day for Kamila as she saw the light for the first time in her life.

Sitting by the bed was a couple of pictures of Mary and Jesus Christ, every morning a little prayer is said by them. Kamila watches as this happens, but hadn't said anything about it up until now.

Kamila couldn't hold her curisoity back as she asked what was going on and what the pictures were about. The answer to the questions she put to us would take a lifetime to tell we said as we began to explain who Jesus was.

After a while Kamila began to realise that this was a story that she wanted to hear about. Kamila was quite affected by the morals of why Jesus was in millions of people's lives even after 2000 years.

So, Kamila is now off the starting blocks to understanding what Christianity is all about. Tomorrow we want to tell her about Noah and the Ark, she'll love that story as she will be able to relate to it as a camel.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Good Work Then Play

Kamila has a routine now and Friday is washing day as she help load the washing machine, which she knows all about. Then it's into the garden yard to hang the washing out to dry. Separating items that need ironing and finally putting all the clean clothes away in the wardrobes.

Kamila's favourite job was the last one because she knows that it is not long now where she can relax and play with Eli for a while. There's nothing like knowing you've done a good job and the reward is playing without guilt.

Now that's rather philosophical from Kamila today!

Friday, 12 September 2008

Picture on a Book

It has been two weeks now since Kamila returned to Yambol an she was missing being surrounded by the wonderful nature and the Skalitsa countryside. She caught a glimpse of a sight she had seen a few time on the cover of a book. It was a picture of a sunset taken from the garden of the farmhouse and used as the cover of the book.

"I remember beautiful evenings like that." she said with a sigh. "We just don't get sights like this in the town." she went on to say.

We tried to explain by saying "Well Kamila, there is no work it the villages that why we have to live in the town, to earn money."

"I understand" said Kamila. "But it is a shame that people can't make a living from living in the countryside."

"That's the way of the world Kamila, the cost of living always rising and the country folk struggle to make ends meet." we added.

Kamila was in deep thought after this and walked off slowly to sit down on the sofa. We all wanted to know what her thoughts were.

Friday, 5 September 2008

Lots to Talk About

It's been a while now since Kamila got back to Yambol and the best moment was seeing Eli again. She had missed here so much and there was so much to talk about.

So that's exactly what they did, everyday another sotry was told by Kamila about her time in the Skalitsa village. She explained about all the differences between living in the country and living in the town. Eli couldn't get a word in most of the time.

They both are still the best of friends and Kamila promised that Eli could come along with her next time she goes on holiday.