Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pig Flu Is Here, But Not For Camels

Kamila has been left on her own in the Yambol house recently as she had to personally look after Baba as everyone else is out working for a living now. Blogging time has been reduced somewhat, but she still drops on Adgitize and Entrecard daily and in the evenings surfs for a bit of a read. Competition entries are still done albeit in a bit of a rush, but you never know, winning might come one day.

It is a strange time for Kamila who now finds herself still at the village farmhouse at weekends (without Internet) keeping up to date with the local village gossip. There has been a lot of talk here about pig flu and the imminent threat of an epidemic here in Yambol. It is a relieved camel who knows that she can't get the virus, but her friends and family are certainly at risk here. We all hope that is all hype.

"Will write after the weekend" says Kamila.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Adgitize and Entrecard - The Best Combination For Bloggers

“It’s good and bad news from Adgitize,” says Kamila, who now looks forward to even more revenue from them each month. As from November points earned that covert to real money are raised, but then so has the fee for advertising with them form $14 per month to $24 per month.

Here’s the run down:

Less Than 200 points a day No Change
200 points a day 15 cents a day 24 cents a day
290 points a day 22 cents a day 35 cents a day
300 points a day 44 cents a day 72 cents a day
360 points a day 53 cents a day 86 cents a day
430 Points a day 63 cents a day $1.03 a day
500 Points a day 74 cents a day $1.20 a day

Kamila was very happy indeed with things as the earning were consistently over $20 per month. Kamila has calculated that the earning should be slighter more and of course with Winter coming up will help bear a little extra towards the cost of the wood that is needed for the wood-burner.

Adgitize is growing rapidly and certainly seems to be here to stay by the sound of it. The business management looking in is far more astute than Entrecard who have lost hundreds of members from bad management – Guess where they went?

Entrecard is still very useful and Kamila is still making more friends from her circulation there. The best advice form Kamila is to have a party at both organisations, they go hand in hand with dropping in any case.

Here’s the joining in boxes for Adgitize and Entrecard – Kamila hopes to see you there.

Adgitize your web site.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

No Winnings Yet, But Lots Of Love Waiting Around

No Winning Yet, But Lots Of Love Wating AroundAs you may have noticed Kamila has been doing some paid reviews and is quite open about it. With a PR not stuck at 0 there are only a few opportunities that Kamila is offered. She obviously takes them without any fear as PR0 can't get lower. A few buck here and there all helps at the end of the day.

Kamila has also added a reputable dating site banner above her posts. She knows that true love is very hard to find and she hope that this may help people who really could do with some. It is free to sign up, write up and publish your profile and browse to your hearts content. Kamila of course would find it quite difficult to find other camels looking for love online. One day perhaps there might be a male camel in Bulgaria whom she can date. She did get a Valetine card form someone last February but has still not found out who it was from. Until then all she can do is wish and watch others fall in love around her.

No winnings in competitions yet, but early days and Kamila will be pushing for more over the next week. There seems to be quite a few new competitions coming out right now – It’s the in things at the moment it seems and of course quite a lot of fun.

Finally, Kamila is also saving money at home by helping bottle vegetables that are very cheap in the markets at the moment. This will last right through the winter when the prices will rise in the market. Being a vegetarian camel, this food is just up Kamila’s street.

“Love and Peace to all!” says Kamila

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Monday, 12 October 2009

Don't Be Short-Sighted, Buy Glasses Online

Don't Be Short-Sighted, Buy Glasses OnlineKamila doesn’t need or wear prescription glasses, apart from sunglasses on the beach of course. She does however know many people who do and she also know that they are being conned as all of them buy then from the high street optician shops. Why is Kamila saying this?

Well Kamila is a young camel, but very wise one, she knows what is what and living in Bulgaria now for two years now she has learnt how not to waste money. She now can advise on How You Can Start Spending Smart and knows that you can get a pair of prescription glasses at a fraction of the cost of high street opticians. Just as an example $ 8 Rx eyeglasses are a stylish pair that is available amongst hundreds of other designs and fashions to suit all tastes and for all age groups. The deliver is fast and secure and all you need it to choose you style and fill in your current prescription.

Kamila was asked which glasses she would pick if she needed some, and said, “My favorite high fashion eyeglasses are to be kept a secret as it is bad luck in Egypt to say what your favorite things are as it will never come true!” Well Kamila may not give away her favorite eyeglasses but we know when she get older she might need some and then we’ll find out. I’m sure Kamila would buy online with her prudence now well established.

Kamila says “Don’t be short-sighted, buy you glasses online and save a mint!”
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Articles To Article Directories Is Good News For Blogs

Articles To Article Directories Is Good News For BlogsKamila is back on the subject of back links and has found a great avenue for getting extra traffic, back links and hence improved rating. This can be done simple by spending less than a minute or submitting your freshly written article to Article Alley.

Article marketing is a great way of promoting your site, and the only cost is a minute or so to copy and paste the article details. If the readers are then impressed with your article they will visit your website and learn more from where it came from. It is important to make sure that you author biography that is always there underneath your article.

Another great advantage of this is to have within your biography other information about telling the readers a bit more about yourself and/or the company that you are marketing as well as several links back to your website.

Articles To Article Directories Is Good News For BlogsKamila is very excited about this and will now be submitting some of her post that has already been published to Article Alley. Also with the site there is opportunity to refer the article further a field to facebook and twitter. More link backs, more traffic, more site authority at the end of the day. Exciting times ahead Kamila thinks.

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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Aditigize Pay Big With Kamila In Passive Mode

Aditigize Pay Big With A Passive Kamila Blogger

Kamila was quite amazed that her team received $22.62 from Adgitize this month. Why was this so amazing? Well quite simple for the last month or so absolutely no clicks were made on Adgitize, there just wasn’t the time in the day during September.

Kamila knew that that earning would be lower than the $25.99 last month as with no clicking on 51 advertisers daily that meant that the 100 points daily that were normally made weren’t to be tallies up as paid a premium. What this basically means it that $22.62 was earned by doing absolutely nothing, this is a passive earning for September bar taking 2 minutes to pay the premium of $14 for being an advertiser. The number of visitors from this daily hovers around the 80 mark and of course many visitors click on the Entrecard widget when visiting! Even with the advertiser payment (dirt cheap considering the traffic generated from it) there is a net gain of $8.62 was made in September.

In October Kamila and the team has now started clicking again on Adgitize, we cant’ wait to see what the amount will be earned for this month - We ARE SURE IT WILL BE ANOTHER RECORD PAYMENT!

Aditigize Pay Big With A Passive Kamila BloggerAgain, Kamila just can’t believe that all those Entrecard members without joining up with Adgitize are losing out big time on traffic and hard cash. We all know how hard it is to make money online, this has to be one of the easiest ways of making more than a few cents from hard graft, which is the norm.

Why not join up now Adgitize have just topped the 200 advertising members’ mark today. Well, what are you waiting for, pop into the site and have a look around by clicking the box below. Kamila hopes to be clicking on your Adgitize widget soon!

Kamila invites you to join Adgitize, it’s free and just takes a couple of minutes to set up.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

An Optimum 200 Word Long Blog

An Optimum 200 Word Long BlogKamila after having entered a few online competitions is now waiting for the results. This is quite exciting, but she knows that here chances of winning are slim as all the competitions she entered were free and therefore many others entered them as well. She will have to wait for the results, but won’t hold her breath.

One of the good things about entering these competitions is that in many case Kamila’s blog gets back links for doing so. This to Kamila is a bit of a winner in itself if the competition blog is of good Google standing. Besides which entering a competition is certainly not as boring as completing a blog directory entry!

Entrecard drops haven’t been as prolific as it was a month ago, the reason is quite simply that the time spent on dropping could be spent on doing something more constructive such as writing a blog or entering a competition. The difference between getting 20 EC members dropping on her as opposed to 50 doesn’t make any difference to anything as 90% are drop and run folk.

You won’t have noticed that this blog is exactly an optimum 200 words long, this was Kamila’s plan.
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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Getting A New Web Host? Kamila Has Found A Good Guide

Getting A New Web Host? Kamila Has Found A Good Guide Just to remind everyone, Kamila the Camel is but a simple camel that has travelled a bit and now settled in Bulgaria trying to established herself a living on the Internet. She has found that being an administrator of a websites can as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Many webmasters use very simple methods and are successful, you don’t have to be a genius to make money from the Internet, but just work hard and understand the basics.

It is a great benefit that an incredible amount of help is on the Internet to guide you through some of the mazes of the web. Kamila may well find herself at some point in the future looking at another web hosting provider as Blogger, which she currently uses. It has its limitations and sometimes, especially from pay per posts parties, a bit of prejudice in terms of taking her blog seriously. Other bloggers with free Blogger domain blogs will know what Kamila means by this. Free blogs are definitely discriminated against.

Our computers

When this time comes Kamila will defiantly go to a website that will give the best and impartial advice on what web host is deemed the best from people who actually use them. It is only fools and horses (not camels) that wouldn’t do their research before deciding which web hosting provider to use.

Kamila has found a site that does exactly what every blogger wants when making adventuring beyond the confines of Blogger, namely It is simply the world's largest independent web hosting directory with complete up-to-date details of all the main web-hosting providers. The benefit of surfing into this site which is basically the best web hosting guide around if you have a new web host in mind and is probably the best move you could make. Kamila has already been there and now looking seriously at the recommendations made from real customer feedbacks that are published there.
Getting A New Web Host? Kamila Has Found A Good Guide

Friday, 2 October 2009

Top EC Droppers For September - A Close Run Thing

Image representing Entrecard as depicted in Cr...

"Is it really October already? Kamila asks. Well yes it is and time for Kamila to reflect on the loyal Entrecard droppers for September. It is Cornyman who came out top with 29 drops over thirty days, but only just with Winesworld and Funky Town Disco Music. Kamila isnt' quite sure how they decided that Martin was to tbe top, she think it maybe because Martin dropped earlier than the others. Well done Martin and thank you so much you other lovely guys!

Cornyman now gets his widget on Kamila's blog for a month and 300 EC credits and the other 9 of the top ten also get their links here and on the side column and an additional 100 EC credits each.

Dropper # of drops
Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence 29
Winesworld's blog 29
Funky Town Disco Music 29
One World Realty 28
Picture to People 27
Akila's Blog 27
BetterSpines 26
The Vegan Lifestyle 26
EzGreatLife 26
Anything Goes W/ Pahn 25
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