Tuesday, 6 October 2009

An Optimum 200 Word Long Blog

An Optimum 200 Word Long BlogKamila after having entered a few online competitions is now waiting for the results. This is quite exciting, but she knows that here chances of winning are slim as all the competitions she entered were free and therefore many others entered them as well. She will have to wait for the results, but won’t hold her breath.

One of the good things about entering these competitions is that in many case Kamila’s blog gets back links for doing so. This to Kamila is a bit of a winner in itself if the competition blog is of good Google standing. Besides which entering a competition is certainly not as boring as completing a blog directory entry!

Entrecard drops haven’t been as prolific as it was a month ago, the reason is quite simply that the time spent on dropping could be spent on doing something more constructive such as writing a blog or entering a competition. The difference between getting 20 EC members dropping on her as opposed to 50 doesn’t make any difference to anything as 90% are drop and run folk.

You won’t have noticed that this blog is exactly an optimum 200 words long, this was Kamila’s plan.
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5 comments: on "An Optimum 200 Word Long Blog"

Jan from BetterSpines said...

What a clever camel. How did you manage to write a perfect 100 word post? You must have worked very hard to get it just right. Well done!

Daisy said...

Good plan, Kamila!

cornyman said...

Hey Kamila,

any plans for marriage?

Saw you took part in the marriage ring contest, guess today is the last day to join.

Hope you might win :)

Kamila The Camel said...

Hi Martin,
Weddings and marriage? You must be joking, marriage is overrated and not part of the camel tradition.