Friday, 2 October 2009

Top EC Droppers For September - A Close Run Thing

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"Is it really October already? Kamila asks. Well yes it is and time for Kamila to reflect on the loyal Entrecard droppers for September. It is Cornyman who came out top with 29 drops over thirty days, but only just with Winesworld and Funky Town Disco Music. Kamila isnt' quite sure how they decided that Martin was to tbe top, she think it maybe because Martin dropped earlier than the others. Well done Martin and thank you so much you other lovely guys!

Cornyman now gets his widget on Kamila's blog for a month and 300 EC credits and the other 9 of the top ten also get their links here and on the side column and an additional 100 EC credits each.

Dropper # of drops
Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence 29
Winesworld's blog 29
Funky Town Disco Music 29
One World Realty 28
Picture to People 27
Akila's Blog 27
BetterSpines 26
The Vegan Lifestyle 26
EzGreatLife 26
Anything Goes W/ Pahn 25
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4 comments: on "Top EC Droppers For September - A Close Run Thing"

cornyman said...

Hi Kamila,

thanks for everything, your amazing posts which are a must read each time you publish an article, for the FREE ad space, for the link love and for the 300 ECs.

How about joining the Dropaholics. There you can get a nice widget which will display all your TOP Droppers who are FREE registered members.

Will write tomorrow a blog post about it for the Funny Friday!

AVCr8teur said...

Thanks for adding my blog to your blog list. I really appreciate it. I'll be following your blog too.

T-MobileG1 said...

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Jan from BetterSpines said...

Thank you so much Kamila. That is very kind of you. You are such a nice camel!