Sunday, 27 September 2009

Kamila's Thoughts On Alexa Targets and Competitions

Kamila's Thoughts On Alexa Targets and CompetitionsKamila has now has entered five competitions and waits for the results. They are all free and easy to enter with prizes ranging from hard cash to air miles. She thinks it won’t be long before she gets some sort of reward for her efforts if nothing else the law of averages dictates that if you persist and never give up something will come her way.

It is some surprise to know that many people just don’t bother with competitions and this give a greater chance for those who do make the effort. Opportunities for competitions have increased tremendously over the last few years especially online and blog competitions, this is good news to bloggers fro another avenue of traffic and earnings.

Kamila's Thoughts On Alexa Targets and CompetitionsImage via CrunchBase

On another front it seems that Kamila has now settled nicely into a Google PR0 but her Alexa rank stands at 137457. Her aim is to get it under 120,000 over the next few months and under 100,000 by April next year. This will take a lot of work, not least more links can communication with blogging friends and regular posts.

Needless to say spare time in Bulgaria is now increasing with most of the harvests in and food and fuel stocks stored for the coming winter. Come November there will be three months of mega time to kill and that will be spent blogging on these cold and freezing months with plenty of good food and drink on the kitchen table.

“Hope you are all in a cheerful disposition,” says Kamila
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2 comments: on "Kamila's Thoughts On Alexa Targets and Competitions"

lizzie said...

Must be a hard winter, especially for a camel! LOL

KAT said...


I love your blog, and wanted to give you an award, but I don't know if you participate in them or not?? If you do, An award is waiting for you over at Candles, Crafts and Whatnot. Congrats!

Your blog has been very helpful to me on many occasions, and I thought I would say thank you!

:) Kat