Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Cornyman Needs A Lift - EC Members Can Help

Kamila has come back from grape picking for four days and just heard that Cornyman has cancel the whopping 1,000,000 EC contest due to lack of support which is giving no real benefit to the generous sponsors who put up an incredible amount of cash EC credits and other goodies. This is was a big shock for Kamila who was the first blogger to be put up for the competition.

Kamila knows that Cornyman has put in a tremendous amount effort and dedication to this competition and in return it has gone pear shaped. Making a financial success out of blogging is a hard game as many have found out and given up. Kamila just hopes that Cornyman bounces back with new vigour and doesn’t let this put him off from trying other enterprises in the blogging world.

It is true to say from a Camel who has been blogging now for well over a year now that the blogging world needs more people like Cornyman or Martin those who don’t know. People like him make the blogging world tick and many bloggers including Kamila are more than grateful for his efforts that certainly haven’t gone unnoticed.

Kamila suggests that all people who appreciate Martin’s efforts that they should comment on his blog thanking him for his tremendous and ambitious effort. Kamila has done this already. Martin certainly needs a lift right now and bloggers who care like Kamila and many other EC members can help with this Here's the link ----> http://cornys-moneypage.blogspot.com/

"Warmest regards to all," says Kamila
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1 comments: on "Cornyman Needs A Lift - EC Members Can Help"

Jan from BetterSpines said...

You are such a thoughtful camel. Yes, I will pop over to Martin's place to try to cheer him up.