Thursday, 31 July 2008

Upsidedown Kamila

Kamila had been practising standing on two legs all day and was getting much better at it. then she had an idea to try and do a hand stand but it wasn't a handstand because she hasn't any hands.

"Look at me!" she called out, "I'm doing a hoofstand!" We all looked with amazement as Kamila the acrobat was there upside down on her sofa seat.

"Be careful Kamila," we pleaded, "We don't want you to hurt yourself."

Kamila I think was just showing off a bit, Eli was watching as well and was also a bit concerned at Kamila's acrobatics.

It wasn't too long that Kamila realised that we were all worried and she stopped and apologised for the worries she caused. We all agreed that she should stay on her four camel legs, like she said, it is much safer that way.

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Four-Legged Argument

Kamila had always walked and stood on four legs, she find it very funny that humans balance on two legs, surely four is better than two she argues. She contests that if we all walked on four legs there would be less accident falling over etc.

She has a point, and just to prove this she tried standing on two legs just like us. She was very wobbly and didn't look comfortable with it. "See!" she called out just before she toppled over back onto her four legs again.

Well, Kamila really does have a point from where she is standing,

We tried to explain that we only have two legs but our other legs are arms. But Kamila still thinks she is right, along with all her other four-legged animal friends.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Trouble Learning Bulgarian

Kamila often hears lots of talking that she doesn't understand. She know Egyptian and quite a bit of English form here friends in Hamleys toy shop in London. But Bulgarian is a bit of a mystery to Kamila.

So, Kamila noticed a book on the shelf that changes English to Bulgarian, she didn't know it was called dictionary and worked it the book was for this because of the pictures of the English and Bulgarian flags on the cover. She took it down and started studying but it didn't last long, She said that she can speak English but didn't know how to read English which is why she couldn't read the word dictionary in both Bulgarian and English on the front cover.

"Oh Kamila!" we said, "Don't worry, we all understand you and that's what matters. You will pick Bulgarian words up as you go along as long as you don't hide away from it."

Kamila looked a little worried but she knew that she lived with very kind Bulgarian people and that's what counts.

"Words are words but being friends and caring is more than any words can say," Kamila pointed out.

What a wise old head Kamila has we thought, and thought further how lucky we are to have such a sage of a camel with us here.

Monday, 28 July 2008

So Happy

It is such a joy to watch Kamila and Eli talk and play together.they really do care about each other so much. considering they both come from thousands of miles away ended up in Bulgaria together is quite amazing.

An Egyptian camel and an African hippopotamus who would have ever thought that this great friendship would have come about.

The strange thing is they never really talk about where they have come from but what they are doing now and in the future in Bulgaria. They both love it here, "It is so different!" they say.

The both spent most of the time indoors talking and playing today as it was raining. Did this get them upset? No they have each other that makes them so happy.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Washing Machine

It was the day when we do our washing and the washing machine gets loaded up. Kamila had only heard it working before and did wonder what all that noise was ever Sunday evening. today she was to find out.

We explained that all the dirty clothes go into the machine and we add some washing powder. It gets mixed with warm water and the whole lot spins around.

We also told her that before washing machines it would take a whole day to do it by hand and this way now was so much easier. Also it spins very fast at the end to get rid of most of the water.

Kamila took a look inside the washing machine with interest. "I wouldn't like to get locked in their," she said as her head peered into the recess.

"No, it's just good for clothes, not camels," we agreed.

So no Kamila know what that noise is every Sunday evening and one less mystery to solve.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Hats On

Oh dear, first it was the sunglasses now Kamila had caught sight of a big summer hat, now being a lady camel it took to her eye. "I must try that hat!" were the word that came out. Being such a pretty camel it was only natural she she have a pretty hat to wear.

"You look lovely in that hat Kamila," we all a said.

"It's a bit big," was the reply as Kamila started parading up and down in the new attire.

"Well Kamila, there isn't a great demand in hats for camels," we confessed.

On this Kamila was quite happy with the big hat, she said it would go well with the sunglasses that she hope to get for here birthday.

"We'll see," we said as Kamila went dreaming of a camelwalk (or catwalk) career.

Friday, 25 July 2008


Kamila was in party mood today as she found some sunglasses that Eli brought back from her holiday. Kamila is funny as she put them on and walked into a wall!

Afterwards she said the sunglasses worked very well but were designed to be worn outside on sunny days, not in the house. We agreed they worked so well that she couldn't see where she was going.

Kamila was quite beside herself with this new fashion as we showed her the picture we took. Guess what she wants for her Birthday now?

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Eli's Back

It's been a while since Kamila had seen Eli, she had been on holiday for a week with another friend. when she got back she told Kamila all the adventures she had at the seaside and how much she enjoyed herself.

Kamila was very happy to see Eli and was glad she was back, She had missed here it was very glad she had a good time. It is Kamila's turn to go on holiday soon and is sure she will have lots to tell Eli when she gets back.

In the meantime is feel like a holiday everyday not the two are back together again.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Bulgarian Banitsas

It was 7:30 in the morning and I had just bought my breakfast from the little baker shop on the corner and was about to tuck in when Kamila called. She wanted to know what I was eating and what it tasted like.

This was a banitsa and it tastes wonderful especially when it is fresh I told her. Kamila had seen people eating these as they walk down the road and she said it was wrong not to sit down to eat their food. It was not good to eat on the move, it give you indigestion she went on to tell me.

Well Kamila was right, it wasn't a good idea to eat on the move but this is how they do it here I said. The only other choice is to not have any breakfast or be late for work if they find a seat to eat it.

Kamila thought again before telling me that perhaps it is not a good idea to tell people what they should or shouldn't do here, after all I am a guest in their country. How would I like it if people told me how to eat in my country?

What a thought provoking and considerate camel she is.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Free Tomatoes

Tomatoes from the farm we proudly announced as we brought them in the kitchen to show Kamila. These are our own home grown tomatoes and there's more where they come from we went on to tell her.

Kamila was very familiar with tomatoes, she sees them being prepared for salads every day in the kitchen here so she was a bit mystified why we were so excited.

These are our own tomatoes Kamila, not from a shop of from someone else's garden, our own produce, and they didn't cost us anything.

Kamila though for a while then said she understood now, they didn't cost any money so that's why you are excited.

Well that wasn't the full reason we were so up about it, but you know really why. Kamila has a little more to learn about Bulgaria yet. She has spent far too long in London away from gardens growing tomatoes. Perhaps we'll take her to Skalitsa to find out where the excitement comes from

Monday, 21 July 2008

Linden Tea

Every morning Baba Mama makes here linden tea and every morning Kamila watches her. this particular morning Kamila wanted a closer look and asked if she can help.

Well Baba was quite happy with this as she explained that the linden tea was picked from the linden trees in Yambol and left to dried in the warm sun. Then a handful is put not the pot with some water and brought to the boil.

After that the tea is strained off and drunk. Baba also told Kamila that she can use the same linden tea to be boiled ten times, so it is a very cheap tea to make.

Kamila was all eyes and ears this morning as she tried a bit of the tea when it was ready. She didn't like it much but Baba said try it with a little sugar added. It was put i and stirred and Kamila tried it again. She still wasn't that keen but then we know Kamila doesn't have a sweet tooth.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

New Place to Sit

Kamila normally sits on a little bureau with a glass top, she can see everything from there, including the television and quite often asks nicely if see can see another channel if we didn't mind. She is such a polite camel we never usually refuse.

Today we were all sitting on the sofa and Kamila was watching us from her normal place. We suddenly realised that it wasn't fair that we get the comfy seats and Kamila basically sits on a glass top.

We asked Kamila if she would like to join us sitting on the sofa, to which Kamila reacted with a degree of excitement. She trundled over to the other side of the room towards us as we put a little home made knitted cushion in Kamila's new place.

The rest of the day and evening she kept thanking us for letting her sit there and we apologised for not thinking of this before now.

We all sit together from now on and Kamila feels even more part of this Bulgarian family.

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Pussy Cats

Kamila was on the prowl again today, looking for new things to ask about and learn about here new home.

It was a simply tray that started Kamila's questioning from the fact that it had two cats in a basket pictured there.

"Why are cats painted on the tray?" was the first question. We told her that they were very pretty and it would be nice to serve food on a pretty tray.

"These cats need a haircut, in Egypt our cats don't have any hair, it's too hot for cats to have long hair."

Again we said that cats have long and short hair depending on what breed they are. These cat probably aren't from Bulgaria, but then they probably aren't from Egypt, they are the type of cats people like because they are fluffy and cuddly.

"I like these cats, they look playful!" Kamile announced changing her mood into a more happy than inquisitive one. "I wish they cold come to life then we could all play together and Eli would love them."

"Unfortunately Kamila, they are not real kittens, but just made up as a nice picture for the decoration for the tray." We thought this might upset Kamila, but it didn't.

"They will always be playful kittens for me to look and and I can always image I'm playing with them, that's brilliant!" she said as a big smile emerged on her face.

Kamila really surprises us sometime with her accepting things as they are in a very happy way.

Friday, 18 July 2008


The microwave oven has been in the kitchen now for nearly a year and it was with great interest that Kamila asked what it was for.

We tried to tell her that is was fro heating and cooking food, but Kamila couldn't see how something could be heated up without a fire.

Now Kamila was clever, but trying to explain the workings of a microwave was going to be difficult. So we lifted her up and opened the door showing her inside the microwave. We explained that it was quite complicated any many people even intelligent people don't really know how this works but everyone knows that it doesn't work unless the door is shut because it gets very hot inside. It's a bit like getting zapped with a laser gun once the door is shut.

On this Kamila swiftly asked if she could get down and back to her seat. She said that she didn't want to get zapped and she would feel safer away from the microwave.

We are sure she now thinks that there are little aliens waiting for a signal to zap whatever comes into the microwave and the signal to shoot is the door being shut. Well this is quite close to what happens in a microwave and that will do for Kamila at the moment.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Not a Sweet Tooth Camel

It was a hungry Kamila who notice some food on the side. she walked slowly toward the chocolate cakes and sweet rolls sniffing at them. "What does it taste like?" she asked as the sniffing continued.

We said that these were meant to be eaten after our main meal and they taste sweet. We also said that we don't eat this kind of food very often as it makes you fat and rots your teeth with all the fat and sugar inside.

Kamila suddenly stopped sniffing at the food and asked if she cold try some.

We gave here some chocolate cake to try as she start chewing the face changed to a grimace. "I'm glad I'm a camel" she said.

"Why?" we asked with a question mark over our heads.

"We camels don't eat sweet food, and I glad because I'm not fat and have a lovely set of teeth, so I'm glad I'm a camel."

Well we understood what she was saying, what a perceptive camel she is.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

No Scent Today

Well for the first time in ages it was raining in Yambol. The daily garden walk was cancelled with a view of perhaps doing it this afternoon. It is always very heavy rain but never for too long in Yambol as Kamila discovered.

Kamila never gets bored, she is always thinking, looking and learning wherever she is. Then she caught a glimse of a flower and after yesterday she wanted to smell the scent again. But before we could tell her that this particular flower didn't have a smell, she was up there sticking her nose in and sniffing at it.

Well she found out for herself why is didn't smell when she said, "It this a real flower?"

"No, it is just nice to look at and doesn't die because it is made out of coloured cloth material." we explained.

Kamila paused and we weren't to sure whether she was going to be disappointed.

Before very long the thoughtful Kamila smiled at us and said, "That's great, a flower that doesn't die, I can look at that flower and it will be pretty forever!"

"Oh Kamila" we sighed, "You are a camel with many pleasant thoughts."

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Flower Scent

It was another bright warm sunny morning as the daily walk in the garden took course. Kamila doesn't enjoy this so much, what a difference from wanting to walk rather than having to walk!

Kamila noticed that the garden changes every day things get bigger, another flower appears, the tomatoes change colour and everything feels alive.

Today there was an orange flower that had taken bloom overnight. Kamila walked towards it to take a closer look. "It's beautiful," she said as here nose almost touched it.

"I don't want to move", Kamila went on to say as she was fixed next the the flower.

"Why not Kamila?" we asked with a degree of curiosity.

"I can want to keep this smell with me forever." It was the scent of the flower that sent Kamila into a trance.

We left here there for a good ten minutes before she finally drew away from the lovely scented flower.

"You will see and smell more flowers tomorrow," we said as we went back indoors.

Kamila will now enjoy her walks in the garden even more, what a lucky camel she is.

Monday, 14 July 2008

Cobblestoned Streets

It was with a great interest that Kamila took to the streets of Yambol to discover that the roads were very different to where she came from. Kamila had never seen cobblestones before and commented on how pretty they were as they laid in curved patterned on the road.

"Why is the road higher in the middle and lower at the sides?" Kamila asked.

"When it rains the water runs to the side into the drains that are there so there are no big puddles in the middle of the road. It is called a camber" we said.

"Oh," said Kamila as she looked closer at the cobblestones. "These roads must last for years," was the next comment after a great deal of thinking.

"Yes, maybe centuries old," we added.

Kamila now was quite happy that Yambol was covered with cobblestones as she skipped from one cobblestone to the next. She was small enough to do this and this now what she does every time she goes down trhe street, not a walk but a skip on the cobblestoned streets of Yambol.

What a joyful and now more educated camel she is.

An interesting link about the cobblestoned streets of Yambol here Cobblestoned Yambol

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Traffic Jam

Kamila knows what cars are she has seen many before now. What she didn't realise was that cars go very fast. The reason for this is that up until now the only cars she had seen were the countless number in Regents Street, London. She used to sit in the Hamley's toy shop window watching them go past for months on end. Al the cars were either not moving or going very slowly.

Kamila was told that cars couldn't go fast there because there were too many cars. When this happens this is called a traffic jam.

We also explained that in Bulgaria, there aren't any traffic jams as there are less cars. We don't have the money for cars let alone four to five cars for each family as in the UK.

Kamila listened very carefully to all we said and seemed to understand now why she thought cars only go slow.

After a great deal of thought and now sitting herself on the warm bonnet of our lada parked on the pavement, she said, "Well, I glad we don't get traffic jam here, it wouldn't taste very nice."

Kamila took a little pause to think again and added, "I don't think traffic jam would be like the food in Bulgaria because it also doesn't sound natural and healthy."

Well Kamila did get the wrong end of the stick, but she is right! We didn't say anything after that, Kamila was very happy to believe what she now thinks. What a very thoughtful camel she is!

Saturday, 12 July 2008

A Letter Box

Curiosity got the better of Kamila today, and why not, everything is new here and questions have to be asked to find out about these things.

The gate to the street is made of iron and in the middle is a lttle box with a door on it. This caught Kamili's attention as she enquired what it was for.

"Is that where the birds nest?" she guessed. Well, it was a very good guess as there was a slot on the other side where she thought the bird come and go.

"No Kalima, that is where the postwoman puts the letters, it's a letter box." We told here that in Bulgaria most of the letter deliverers are woman.

"Oh, that's not a good place for posting letters said Kamila, people can steal them quite easily."

She got up on the post box and easily opened the door to reveal the inside. Her demonstration showed how easy it was to get in an out of the box.

We had to explain that in Bulgaria stealing people's post was very rare, even in towns.

Kamila was very pleased that so many nice people live in the country she now calls her home.

"Perhaps I might get a letter one day." she said.

Friday, 11 July 2008

Water on Tap

There are some things Kamila finds out about that are very different from where she comes from. Water is something that she has had to store when she can. It can be days, even weeks before she comes across water to drink in the deserts of Egypt.

Today Kamila saw a pipe with a tap on and turned it. Out came gushing water, she couldn't believe it was that simple to get water. Not only that water at any time of the day or night and it didn't even have to rain for supplies of it.

We explained that sometimes we get cut off and it is only the foreigners that come here that complain. They come from places that are used to non stop water we explained. Kamila said she was a foreigner and she woudn't complain from being cut off. And who could blame her, after all she has come from a place where water is rare.

It is a very lucky Kamila who now can have a drink whenever she wants.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dressing Gown Hammock

It was another lovely day and now for Kamila a walk in the garden is a daily thing. today there was another interest for Kamila as she saw some washing hanging from the washing line.

A dressing gown was of particular interest to Kamila as she said. "How about me having a go on the swing? She had seen many swings in Hamley's Toyshop in London but had never had a go.

"What swing?" we asked but before we had time to reply Kamila jumped up into the dressing gown and made herself comfortable.

"This swing?" she happily replied as the wind gently swayed the swing into action.

"It's more like a hammock Kamila." we said as Kamila now decided as she can lay down and rest in the hammock but it's still a swing as well.

This is one ingenious camel we all thought, as Kamila snuggled down for a little sleep in the newly christened hammock.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Garden Walk

It was a lovely morning as Kamila suggested we go for a little walk early before it got to hot. so we did.

Looking at all the plants as we walked along was very interesting for Kamila, some of the flowers ans shrubs growing there had net been seen before, it was all new.

After stretching our legs we went back into the coolness of the house and promised ourselves we'd do this more regularly in the future.


Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Only Two and Too Big

After a lovely sleep Kamila rose to a hot sunny day, a lovely day for a walk but the roads in Yambol are not sand, Kamila needed some footwear to protect her feet.

She saw a pair of sandals in the hall but there were two problems. The first was she had four feet and there were only two sandals. The second problem was that they were far to big and not designed for camels.

The idea of lending Kamila a pair of human footwear wasn't a good idea, but Kamila knew that from the start, she was just having fun with us again.

That camel Kamila is getting a little cheeky don't you think?

Monday, 7 July 2008

Dolphins in Snow

Kamila couldn't believe her eyes today. she caught site of another dolphin only after a few days of seeing another one in the form of a fridge magnet.

This dolphin was in a sealed glass container full water so Kamila couldn't joke about not having any water. Kamila laughed when I said the container was sealed, she said that she couldn't see any seals, just the dolphin! That camel's sense of humour is getting worse, we really don't know where she gets it from!

What Kamila didn't understating is why there was snow falling when it was shaken. She didn't know that dolphins didn't lived in cold snowy places. We said that the snow scene was just for fun as these things were used for snowy Christmas scenes to start with, nowadays many things things are put in and used still with the snow falling.

Well Kamila got the picture and had fun all day making it snow, she hasn't seen real snow before so when winter comes in Bulgaria this will be another adventure for her to look forward to.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


It's the weekend and Kamila and Eli played together all day, not too much talking went on, I'm sure they will catchup on the talking tonight if they can stay awake long enough.

It has been a veryhot day an both Kamila and Eli both come from hot countries so they made the most of it.

There is a new game they played where they give each other piggbacks, but Eli only had short legs and with Kamila on her back she gets left behind when Eli walks off. so most fo the time Eli is on Kamila's back. She is used to that having travelled many miles across the desert with luggage and Arabs on her back in her past. This time she does it for fun!

How wonderful it is to see these two best friends enjoyng themselves.

Saturday, 5 July 2008

A Little Talk

Today Kamila was very excited, she was to see here friend Eli tomorrow and couldn't wait. Not only that Eli was to spend one day and stay overnight so she had plenty to look forward to.

However, Kamila wanted to talk to us about her problem. Of course we said we were here for her and if she had any proble, at all should talk to us about it and we would try and help.

Kamila said she was a bit embarrassed as she didn't want to upset anyone with the problem but she would try to be brave enough to talk about it.

So, Kamila had the courage and told us her problem. She said that someone called her ugly the other day and she had been thinking about it for ages thinking she was ugly.

We explained that there are all sorts of creatures on this earth, but some people who see creatures they have never seen before compare them to themselves and find they are different. The difference seen are called ugly by some people but only because they don't understand that different isn't ugly, its just different.

So Kamila, you are not ugly in fact you are beautiful because you are different. Many things is this world are different and being different is something to be proud of we went on to explain. The world would be a very boring world if we were all the same, so thank you Kamila for making this world a better place.

Kamila, didn't say much after that, but now she had a spring in her step and a big cloud of worry lifted. this clears the way for her best friend coming tomorrow.

Later Kamila thanked us for giving her a little talk, well, that's Kamila for you, always being thankful and polite.

Friday, 4 July 2008

Dolphin Joke

At the weekend we broght back a souvenier from Pomorie, a town on the Black Sea Caost near Burgas. It was a little dolphin that had a magnet on the back keep it attached to the fridge door.

Kamila was very interested with the little creature but was worried that the dolphin would die without water.

We tried to explain that it wasn't a real dolphin but a little model of one and the real dolpins were far bigger, in fact so big it wouldn't fit on the fridge.

Kamila then said she was joking and that we fell for it hook, line and sinker. We all laughed and realised tha Kamila has a very good sense of humour.

Thursday, 3 July 2008


Kamila does make us laugh so much. She told us last night that she found an oasis, but we didn't really believe her and found it strange that she should want to tell us fibs.

This morning insisted that there was an oasis in the house and she wanted us to go and see it with her. It was only when we got there that we realised she wasn't telling fibs at all. She had seen the toilet with the pool of water and thought it was an oasis!

Oh Kamila, "You are funny" we said as we explained what the oasis really was.

Kamila says that she will go there to remind her of Eygpt and the home she left behind long ago.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Good night

Kind Kamila was very helpful today. She played with Eli then, after dinner, helped with the washing up putting all the plates away. Afterwards she tidied her room and gave it a good clean. She has been a very busy camel today and we are all glad she is here with us helping on occasions.

It is now 8:00 and still ligth outside but Kamila started yawning a long time ago. This means she is tired although she wouldn't admit it. It was well before bedtime but it was quite easy to see Kamila was sleepy and wanted to go to bed.

10 minutes later Kamila gave in and askedif she could go to bed early as she couldn't keep her eyes open. Of course we said yes and tucked her in bed.

Exactly 10 seconds after we took her picture her eyes closed and she was fast asleep in her cosy bed. No doubt dreaming about Eygpt.

Tomorrow is another adventure for Kamila, who knows what she will do?

Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Over the weekend Kamila was finding out lots of things about life here in the home. Lots of television was watched and she was learning how to read and write but something really interested her when we brought a new plant into the house.

There on the shelf was a cutting of a bamboo plant sitting in sand and water. It was Kamila who told us how this bamboo grow and what it likes. Bamboo, is grown in Egypt the country where Kamila comes from. She really enjoyed being our teacher today as she checks to see whether the Bamboo is happy in its new home.

The other thing Kamila told us is that she used to eat the bamboo shoots but we said that she will have to wait until it needs pruning before she get her teeth into it. So Kamila is now in charge of pruning the bamboo, something she is very much looking looking forward to. And we all know why.