Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Flower Scent

It was another bright warm sunny morning as the daily walk in the garden took course. Kamila doesn't enjoy this so much, what a difference from wanting to walk rather than having to walk!

Kamila noticed that the garden changes every day things get bigger, another flower appears, the tomatoes change colour and everything feels alive.

Today there was an orange flower that had taken bloom overnight. Kamila walked towards it to take a closer look. "It's beautiful," she said as here nose almost touched it.

"I don't want to move", Kamila went on to say as she was fixed next the the flower.

"Why not Kamila?" we asked with a degree of curiosity.

"I can want to keep this smell with me forever." It was the scent of the flower that sent Kamila into a trance.

We left here there for a good ten minutes before she finally drew away from the lovely scented flower.

"You will see and smell more flowers tomorrow," we said as we went back indoors.

Kamila will now enjoy her walks in the garden even more, what a lucky camel she is.
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