Monday, 21 July 2008

Linden Tea

Every morning Baba Mama makes here linden tea and every morning Kamila watches her. this particular morning Kamila wanted a closer look and asked if she can help.

Well Baba was quite happy with this as she explained that the linden tea was picked from the linden trees in Yambol and left to dried in the warm sun. Then a handful is put not the pot with some water and brought to the boil.

After that the tea is strained off and drunk. Baba also told Kamila that she can use the same linden tea to be boiled ten times, so it is a very cheap tea to make.

Kamila was all eyes and ears this morning as she tried a bit of the tea when it was ready. She didn't like it much but Baba said try it with a little sugar added. It was put i and stirred and Kamila tried it again. She still wasn't that keen but then we know Kamila doesn't have a sweet tooth.
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