Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Free Tomatoes

Tomatoes from the farm we proudly announced as we brought them in the kitchen to show Kamila. These are our own home grown tomatoes and there's more where they come from we went on to tell her.

Kamila was very familiar with tomatoes, she sees them being prepared for salads every day in the kitchen here so she was a bit mystified why we were so excited.

These are our own tomatoes Kamila, not from a shop of from someone else's garden, our own produce, and they didn't cost us anything.

Kamila though for a while then said she understood now, they didn't cost any money so that's why you are excited.

Well that wasn't the full reason we were so up about it, but you know really why. Kamila has a little more to learn about Bulgaria yet. She has spent far too long in London away from gardens growing tomatoes. Perhaps we'll take her to Skalitsa to find out where the excitement comes from
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