Wednesday, 16 July 2008

No Scent Today

Well for the first time in ages it was raining in Yambol. The daily garden walk was cancelled with a view of perhaps doing it this afternoon. It is always very heavy rain but never for too long in Yambol as Kamila discovered.

Kamila never gets bored, she is always thinking, looking and learning wherever she is. Then she caught a glimse of a flower and after yesterday she wanted to smell the scent again. But before we could tell her that this particular flower didn't have a smell, she was up there sticking her nose in and sniffing at it.

Well she found out for herself why is didn't smell when she said, "It this a real flower?"

"No, it is just nice to look at and doesn't die because it is made out of coloured cloth material." we explained.

Kamila paused and we weren't to sure whether she was going to be disappointed.

Before very long the thoughtful Kamila smiled at us and said, "That's great, a flower that doesn't die, I can look at that flower and it will be pretty forever!"

"Oh Kamila" we sighed, "You are a camel with many pleasant thoughts."

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