Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Trouble Learning Bulgarian

Kamila often hears lots of talking that she doesn't understand. She know Egyptian and quite a bit of English form here friends in Hamleys toy shop in London. But Bulgarian is a bit of a mystery to Kamila.

So, Kamila noticed a book on the shelf that changes English to Bulgarian, she didn't know it was called dictionary and worked it the book was for this because of the pictures of the English and Bulgarian flags on the cover. She took it down and started studying but it didn't last long, She said that she can speak English but didn't know how to read English which is why she couldn't read the word dictionary in both Bulgarian and English on the front cover.

"Oh Kamila!" we said, "Don't worry, we all understand you and that's what matters. You will pick Bulgarian words up as you go along as long as you don't hide away from it."

Kamila looked a little worried but she knew that she lived with very kind Bulgarian people and that's what counts.

"Words are words but being friends and caring is more than any words can say," Kamila pointed out.

What a wise old head Kamila has we thought, and thought further how lucky we are to have such a sage of a camel with us here.
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4 comments: on "Trouble Learning Bulgarian"

Jan from BetterSpines said...

It's very hard to learn a new language, even for non-camels. And since you can't read ...

Joy said...

I'm sure Kamila will pick up Bulgarian eventually. It must be hard for her, certainly, but keep at it and it will come :)

Margaret Elmendorf said...

I am sure Kamila can get across what she is trying to say and will pick up the Bulgaria words as she goes along. It would be very hard to learn without being able to read the language.

John @ Family, Fitness and Finances said...

I took Spanish in high school and struggled with it for 3 years. Keep studying and eventually she will get it. Just out of curiosity, how hard is it to turn the pages of the book with camel toes?