Thursday, 10 July 2008

Dressing Gown Hammock

It was another lovely day and now for Kamila a walk in the garden is a daily thing. today there was another interest for Kamila as she saw some washing hanging from the washing line.

A dressing gown was of particular interest to Kamila as she said. "How about me having a go on the swing? She had seen many swings in Hamley's Toyshop in London but had never had a go.

"What swing?" we asked but before we had time to reply Kamila jumped up into the dressing gown and made herself comfortable.

"This swing?" she happily replied as the wind gently swayed the swing into action.

"It's more like a hammock Kamila." we said as Kamila now decided as she can lay down and rest in the hammock but it's still a swing as well.

This is one ingenious camel we all thought, as Kamila snuggled down for a little sleep in the newly christened hammock.
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1 comments: on "Dressing Gown Hammock"

chubskulit said...

is that really a camel? if she is, she's adorable haha..