Thursday, 17 July 2008

Not a Sweet Tooth Camel

It was a hungry Kamila who notice some food on the side. she walked slowly toward the chocolate cakes and sweet rolls sniffing at them. "What does it taste like?" she asked as the sniffing continued.

We said that these were meant to be eaten after our main meal and they taste sweet. We also said that we don't eat this kind of food very often as it makes you fat and rots your teeth with all the fat and sugar inside.

Kamila suddenly stopped sniffing at the food and asked if she cold try some.

We gave here some chocolate cake to try as she start chewing the face changed to a grimace. "I'm glad I'm a camel" she said.

"Why?" we asked with a question mark over our heads.

"We camels don't eat sweet food, and I glad because I'm not fat and have a lovely set of teeth, so I'm glad I'm a camel."

Well we understood what she was saying, what a perceptive camel she is.
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2 comments: on "Not a Sweet Tooth Camel"

Gie said...

very cute photo.. thanks for dropping by and comments, hope to see u again at my site.

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