Monday, 7 July 2008

Dolphins in Snow

Kamila couldn't believe her eyes today. she caught site of another dolphin only after a few days of seeing another one in the form of a fridge magnet.

This dolphin was in a sealed glass container full water so Kamila couldn't joke about not having any water. Kamila laughed when I said the container was sealed, she said that she couldn't see any seals, just the dolphin! That camel's sense of humour is getting worse, we really don't know where she gets it from!

What Kamila didn't understating is why there was snow falling when it was shaken. She didn't know that dolphins didn't lived in cold snowy places. We said that the snow scene was just for fun as these things were used for snowy Christmas scenes to start with, nowadays many things things are put in and used still with the snow falling.

Well Kamila got the picture and had fun all day making it snow, she hasn't seen real snow before so when winter comes in Bulgaria this will be another adventure for her to look forward to.
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