Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Over the weekend Kamila was finding out lots of things about life here in the home. Lots of television was watched and she was learning how to read and write but something really interested her when we brought a new plant into the house.

There on the shelf was a cutting of a bamboo plant sitting in sand and water. It was Kamila who told us how this bamboo grow and what it likes. Bamboo, is grown in Egypt the country where Kamila comes from. She really enjoyed being our teacher today as she checks to see whether the Bamboo is happy in its new home.

The other thing Kamila told us is that she used to eat the bamboo shoots but we said that she will have to wait until it needs pruning before she get her teeth into it. So Kamila is now in charge of pruning the bamboo, something she is very much looking looking forward to. And we all know why.
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