Thursday, 22 April 2010

Kamila Is Slightly Jealous

Kamila was n because of the rain yesterday and paid a visit to one of here friends across the the road who was also not doing any outside work because it was so wet. Her friend is a 23 year old Bulgarian who had just lost his job because of the recession. He was quite well off until recently. Strange though, Bulgarians never seem to be stressed out because they have lost work as they are optimistic that more will come along soon.

Sitting and talking to Kamila's friend brought about the subject of hobbies and what they do in their spare time. Kamila, just watches television most of the time but her friend pays computer games at every spare moment. He showed Kamila his game set up and gave here a go at some of the games that he had. Kamila was well impressed, Far better than watching Bulgarian television!" she commented.

The game her friend has is an xbox 360 250gb system. This didn't make much sense to Kamila but again the graphic were superb and the endless variety of games shod last a lifetime. Her friend spent ages deciding on what the best system to buy would be and after much consideration decided that this package was the best value for money. With Microsoft involved giving regular updates you are never far for the top technology that runs alongside the hardware. The xbox 360 elite cheap for an unemployed man now is very glad he bought it when he was working with an income as he couldn't afford it now and keeps him entertained until a job comes along.

Kamila was glad of the visit and to be quite honest was rather jealous. She hopes it rains again tomorrow so she can have another go!
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Fruit Trees - A Great Investment

Autumn Red peach.
Kamila would like to wish everyone a happy spring right now. It has been raining so she has a little time to blog today. Up until now Kamila has been a hard working camel trying to get on top of things on the growing front and she has achieved that to date.

Twelve new trees were planted last weekend at the farmhouse. pairs of plum, apple, pear, peach, apricot and cherry are now rooted and secured with stakes for fruit for years to come. The cost was 50 lev, (about £20) for the lot from the local Yambol bazaar. What an investment that is with the fruit that will follow year in year out. The cost will be recovered from the produce within two years according to local knowledge.

So if anyone has any energy left for your garden, Kamila recommends buying a few fruit trees that will help your food bills be reduced, not be subjected to chemical bound like the supermarket fruit sell and of course the feel good factor from it.

Happy days right now for Kamila in Bulgaria.
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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kamila Wishes She Was a Dog Sometimes

Fotografía tomada por min ao meu can na miña c...
Kamila is glad she is a camel, but sometimes it can be awkward in a country that is not known for having a big camel community. It has really helped being a camel online trying to make a little money, purely because for the novelty effect of a camel in Bulgaria, Kamila knows full well if she was a human she wouldn't get the same kind of interest.

Sometime however Kamila wishes she was a dog in Bulgaria. There is one simple reason for that, Bulgarian are dog lovers and they certainly have more facilities for dog care than camel care. On the interest there is a wealth of help available for animal care wherever you are in the world. In fact there is more use online with certain sites than in any local location. Just one site cause Kamila to turn her head at it with interest. It is a canine health and wellness site. The reason it took her interest it that many thing that apply to dog also apply to her such as grooming tips.

It is of course a site for dog owners which gives dog behavior training, which is most important in an environment where dogs have to mix with the human community. A useful dog breed guide is also there for those who are considering buying a dog, but no camel breed guide unfortunately. Something also that didn't apply to Kamila was the dog dental care - the reason? Kamila is a vegetarian and dogs aren't so different teeth care applies. If Kamila was a dog, she would certainly be at home with the help it offers the owners and all sourced from a professional vet.

So in the meantime Kamila has to look after herself and others in her Bulgarian family. She has yet to see a site that gives advice to camels on how to look after the well-being of humans. Perhaps that could be Kamila;s next online project!
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Monday, 5 April 2010

Top EC Droppers For March 2010

The month of March has gone past so quick that Kamila can't believe it is April now. That's what happens when your busy I suppose, you just don't notice the time flying past.

Another load of EC credits have been awarded tot he tip 10 EC droppers for March. Her are the results:

WinesWorld is a friendly wine guide for amateurs, by amateurs.

Sparkle is the author of two cat-to-cat advice books (no humans!), has her own Muse Medallion-winning calendar and is one of the original cat bloggers - she has been blogging since January, 2003!

Lakbay Philippines! A blog about the best places the Philippines has to boast, from the famous to the not-so-famous-yet-equally-great spots.
Also contains satire and humour about the current showbiz, er, politics of the Philippines.

Winesworld is a friendly wine guide for amateurs, by amateurs. We will blog about travel in Scandinavia, food & wine and other Scandinavian ways of doing things.

Above the Fold Entrecard site Launch tool

This site is about life, family and getting fit, both physically and financially. Discussing any and all aspects of attaining a great life.

Find All Good and Useful Business Management Tips Here

My Blog To Share All Info About Entertainment


Behind the bit is written by a research librarian who loves and rides horses. People who are interested in sport horses, dressage, riding, and competing should like the blog. But anyone who has dogs, cats, animals of any sort, or who loves animals may enjoy it.

300 EC credits to the winner and 100 to the rest of the top ten. Kamila really loves being able to award these. Let hope that the month of April goes a bit slower than March. After all it is a lovely month for being outdoors something we should all spend a little more time doing.
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