Thursday, 22 April 2010

Kamila Is Slightly Jealous

Kamila was n because of the rain yesterday and paid a visit to one of here friends across the the road who was also not doing any outside work because it was so wet. Her friend is a 23 year old Bulgarian who had just lost his job because of the recession. He was quite well off until recently. Strange though, Bulgarians never seem to be stressed out because they have lost work as they are optimistic that more will come along soon.

Sitting and talking to Kamila's friend brought about the subject of hobbies and what they do in their spare time. Kamila, just watches television most of the time but her friend pays computer games at every spare moment. He showed Kamila his game set up and gave here a go at some of the games that he had. Kamila was well impressed, Far better than watching Bulgarian television!" she commented.

The game her friend has is an xbox 360 250gb system. This didn't make much sense to Kamila but again the graphic were superb and the endless variety of games shod last a lifetime. Her friend spent ages deciding on what the best system to buy would be and after much consideration decided that this package was the best value for money. With Microsoft involved giving regular updates you are never far for the top technology that runs alongside the hardware. The xbox 360 elite cheap for an unemployed man now is very glad he bought it when he was working with an income as he couldn't afford it now and keeps him entertained until a job comes along.

Kamila was glad of the visit and to be quite honest was rather jealous. She hopes it rains again tomorrow so she can have another go!
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1 comments: on "Kamila Is Slightly Jealous"

AnaVar said...

Hello there! I just discovered your blog and I enjoyed going through it. I'll visit you again soon! Enjoy the coming summer Kamila! :)