Thursday, 22 April 2010

Fruit Trees - A Great Investment

Autumn Red peach.
Kamila would like to wish everyone a happy spring right now. It has been raining so she has a little time to blog today. Up until now Kamila has been a hard working camel trying to get on top of things on the growing front and she has achieved that to date.

Twelve new trees were planted last weekend at the farmhouse. pairs of plum, apple, pear, peach, apricot and cherry are now rooted and secured with stakes for fruit for years to come. The cost was 50 lev, (about £20) for the lot from the local Yambol bazaar. What an investment that is with the fruit that will follow year in year out. The cost will be recovered from the produce within two years according to local knowledge.

So if anyone has any energy left for your garden, Kamila recommends buying a few fruit trees that will help your food bills be reduced, not be subjected to chemical bound like the supermarket fruit sell and of course the feel good factor from it.

Happy days right now for Kamila in Bulgaria.
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1 comments: on "Fruit Trees - A Great Investment"

cornyman said...

Hope you have a great harvesting season in the coming month and years for your newly planted fruit trees!