Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Kamila Wishes She Was a Dog Sometimes

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Kamila is glad she is a camel, but sometimes it can be awkward in a country that is not known for having a big camel community. It has really helped being a camel online trying to make a little money, purely because for the novelty effect of a camel in Bulgaria, Kamila knows full well if she was a human she wouldn't get the same kind of interest.

Sometime however Kamila wishes she was a dog in Bulgaria. There is one simple reason for that, Bulgarian are dog lovers and they certainly have more facilities for dog care than camel care. On the interest there is a wealth of help available for animal care wherever you are in the world. In fact there is more use online with certain sites than in any local location. Just one site cause Kamila to turn her head at it with interest. It is a canine health and wellness site. The reason it took her interest it that many thing that apply to dog also apply to her such as grooming tips.

It is of course a site for dog owners which gives dog behavior training, which is most important in an environment where dogs have to mix with the human community. A useful dog breed guide is also there for those who are considering buying a dog, but no camel breed guide unfortunately. Something also that didn't apply to Kamila was the dog dental care - the reason? Kamila is a vegetarian and dogs aren't so different teeth care applies. If Kamila was a dog, she would certainly be at home with the help it offers the owners and all sourced from a professional vet.

So in the meantime Kamila has to look after herself and others in her Bulgarian family. She has yet to see a site that gives advice to camels on how to look after the well-being of humans. Perhaps that could be Kamila;s next online project!
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