Thursday, 31 December 2009

Looking Back And Forward In Blogging

Looking Back And Forward In Blogging

Kamila has been looking back and looking forward with the blogging bug that she has firmly established. It has been a great year for learning about earning money online for Kamila. The biggest reward was the learning curve that has been made from this point last year. Many things have happened and been experimented on and mistakes made, this is how we all learn.

In the coming new year of 2010, Kamila hopes to continue in the same way looking at new ideas, and perhaps revamping old one to make life a little easier with some income from blogging. She has always said that making lots of money is very difficult but making little and often is quite easy and Kamila is more than content with the latter. Greedy is something Kamila certainly isn’t.

Looking Back And Forward In BloggingNew Year will be celebrated in Yambol with friends and family then its off to the village farmhouse which has not been visited for three weeks. There should be snowdrops with this warm spell we have had so it will be a pretty place to be for a couple of day. Besides which all Kamila’s family need a little rest for the partying and fully charged body and mind batteries for the working year ahead.

In the meantime Kamila wishes all bloggers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and she hopes that the sun shines of your blog for the whole of 2010 and beyond.

No Internet for Kamila this weekend and she hopes that her faithful EC droppers continue whilst she is offline.

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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fun With Your Pictures - It Will Entertain Your Readers

Kamila has found a fun site that can upload any photograph and transform it to give many different effects. This is really useful to bloggers who may want to capture more of a audience with fun photographs that have gone throught the process.

Kamila experimented with it and found that photo fun takes less than one minute to download a photograpsh and go through the process. Then simple copy and paste the code onto you blog under the HTML editing option and you have an instant attention seeking photograph created wtih ease.

The whole thing is free and everyday another different effect is added to the site quite amazing cosidering how much photofun you get. There are currently over 100 different effects and this will obviously grow each day in this novelty photo effects site.

Have a look at what Kamila did on her first try:

Funny Pictures
Yes, its the big bad wolf and Kamila is in the picture on the wall waiting for Goldilocks to turn up.

Then Kamila turned her attention to MGM imitating the lion that is normally there in the centre frame. Doesn't she just look the part!?

Funny Pictures

A few moments later Kamila found this effect where a digital camera has taken a picture of a digital camera taking a picture of Kamila.

Funny Pictures
This picture was taken at Easter but not quite an Easter bonnet doned by Kamila.

Finally, Kamila loves to be in the news and now she finds herself in the newspaper. Well there's no other way she could get the headlines is there?

Funny Pictures
Kamila on the front page of the tabloids. The guy reading is more interested in page three though!

So, Kamila suggests that if you want a bit of fun this Christmas and beyond, try out the photofunia site. It's great fun and will enhance and entertain your blog readers with this.

"Have fun at Christmas!" says Kamila.
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Sunday, 20 December 2009

Blogsvertise Help Pay For Blogging

Blogsvertise Pen

Over the past year Kamila and her team have been writing paid reviews to supplement their income and help pay the overheads that are incurred in blogging. This included paying for a monthly internet service at 22 BGN leva per month, paying for the subscription fees for web servers and web domain, the electric that is used and of course the time spent blogging.

Most paid review organisations are a bit erratic but it has come to pass that one paid review site comes up with the good it originally advertise in trying to get blogger and advertisers to use them. Kamila being a blogger can obviously only see the bloggers side of the organisation. Over the year the earning made from Blogsvertise is US$116.50. This amount was made only by selecting assignments that were in common with the blogs that they were offered too. Taking all assignments offered this figure would be in excess of US$300! The US$116.50 makes a great dent into the covering of overheads of blogging from this one site alone.

Kamila cannot find fault with Blogsvertise, they regularly come up with assignments that can be taken or left without prejudice and pay monthly regularly as clockwork. The fees range from US$7 to US$12.50 per paid review and you get that amount rather then a third being taken off as commission – this is how it should be.

If there is a problem with the paid review post they let you know where the problem lies straight away, so you can edit and reapply the post. This is invaluable for dyslexics and we have one who writes in the team. And with payment direct into you Pay pal account it couldn’t be simpler.

Kamila is now waiting for Christmas to happen here in Bulgaria and will probably have four days of family parties knowing that paid reviews will be waiting in the New Year to be able to continue blogging and of course now with pictures as a digital camera has been purchased thanks to two very kind donations made by bloggers.

Click to Blogsvertise

“A good week ahead for all hopefully!” Kamila says.

Image by Tamar Weinberg via Flickr
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Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From It

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From ItKamila saw the first snow of the year this weekend something she is still getting used to in Bulgaria. Pretty it is, but quite inconvenient for planting garlic sets that was planned this weekend. So it was back to blogging offline with her thinking cap on.

There is a very useful article directory that has been of great benefit to Kamila’s team and blogs that she is associated with. Ezine Articles has already awarded an Expert Author to Slivatree, which is the webmaster's pen name for over least 13 blogs! Ezine Articles are stricter about the content of articles than many other similar sites. This thorough vetting process gives the site more credibility and the readers who use it to search for articles more confidence that they can guarantee a well written article when looking up subjects or topics.

Kamila has been a member of Ezine for well over a year now approaching 100 articles with juicy back links. The traffic generated from this is substantial and consistent and of course a new breed of reader other than Entrecard and Adgitize who drop and run in the main. The hits you get are from readers who want to read you article and if they like it visit the course (you blog site) for more.

The secret of generating more traffic with Ezine Articles is easy, but it has to be word and grammar perfect and the topics you write about have to be respectful and have constructive format. Kamila had one rejected recently on a shopping review - it was refused because it wasn’t a positive review.

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From ItIt takes around five minutes from taking a post you might just have written (it has to be 250+ words) and pasting it as a submitted article. Well worth taking the time to do this and build up a repertoire or articles that will help you blog become more popular. Kamila reminds you that once it is accepted (takes around 5-7 days) it will work for you forever.

“That’s all for today folks,” says Kamila as her attention turns back to the novelty of the snow that is still falling.
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Monday, 7 December 2009

Hibernation? - Not With Blogging

Church of St Nicholas by winter, Yambol, BulgariaYambol's St Nicholas Church

Kamila took a break this weekend, she didn’t go to the village but stayed in town of Yambol with friends who she hadn’t seen for ages. A late night Saturday saw Sunday curtailed with a lie in until midday and why not? Winter here in Bulgaria is all about recovering from the spring, summer and autumn preceding it. It is non-stop for nine months of the year and the period of semi- hibernation has to happen as he batteries need recharging.
Justify Full
It is a tired camel who has not only been blogging but working really hard to survive the coming winter with food and finance for the bills that naturally rise during this season of cold.

The blogging will continue throughout the winter with the hope of a competition or tow that she can win. Currently Kamila is in two minds whether to subscribe to Adgitize this month. She and here team earned just under the $24 dollar that was paid, it is a great return for the traffic that is generated, but the fee could more than cover filling a bottle of gas for heating for a month which is more important than near on a 100 visits each day from the traffic generated advertising. She will decide when the request comes in a week or so.

Entrecard is still going strong, Kamila drops on about 30 a day, time is a big problem with this and she is just on tick over right now. She always drops on those who drop on her, that’s only fair.

Finally, Kamila helped out on a new blogger template on one of her team member’s blog ‘Dosh For U’. We are all very pleased with the result although it is not quite finalised yet. It took a whole afternoon and evening. Kamila invites you to look at the result on the link given.
“All for now and don’t’ get drawn into
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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

'Top 10' Entrecard Friends For November 2009

'Top 10' Entrecard Friends For November 2009

Well here it is, the end of another month and Entrecard credit are now on their way to the top ten droppers that found themselves on Kamila's blog. Kamila is smiling with joy as the top 5 friends she has in Entrecard dropped every day of November. This takes some doing as all Entgrecard members know.

Top of the pile this month was One World Realty, but only just! 300 EC credits are now on their way electronically for top spot and of course one month of free advertising of their widget on Kamila's blog (now at a PR3!)

The other nine places all have 100 EC credits posted and more than well deserved.

Here's the list of Kamila's top EC droppers.

Dropper # of drops
One World Realty 30
Akila's Blog 30
Funky Town Disco Music 30
The One Minute Guide 30
Cornymans Money-Blog, everything about financial independence 30
All 2 Read 29
BetterSpines 29
Picture to People 27
All about Babies and Kids 27
Winesworld's blog 27
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Kamila says a big thank you to all EC droppers that saw their way to her blog.