Sunday, 13 December 2009

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From It

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From ItKamila saw the first snow of the year this weekend something she is still getting used to in Bulgaria. Pretty it is, but quite inconvenient for planting garlic sets that was planned this weekend. So it was back to blogging offline with her thinking cap on.

There is a very useful article directory that has been of great benefit to Kamila’s team and blogs that she is associated with. Ezine Articles has already awarded an Expert Author to Slivatree, which is the webmaster's pen name for over least 13 blogs! Ezine Articles are stricter about the content of articles than many other similar sites. This thorough vetting process gives the site more credibility and the readers who use it to search for articles more confidence that they can guarantee a well written article when looking up subjects or topics.

Kamila has been a member of Ezine for well over a year now approaching 100 articles with juicy back links. The traffic generated from this is substantial and consistent and of course a new breed of reader other than Entrecard and Adgitize who drop and run in the main. The hits you get are from readers who want to read you article and if they like it visit the course (you blog site) for more.

The secret of generating more traffic with Ezine Articles is easy, but it has to be word and grammar perfect and the topics you write about have to be respectful and have constructive format. Kamila had one rejected recently on a shopping review - it was refused because it wasn’t a positive review.

Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From ItIt takes around five minutes from taking a post you might just have written (it has to be 250+ words) and pasting it as a submitted article. Well worth taking the time to do this and build up a repertoire or articles that will help you blog become more popular. Kamila reminds you that once it is accepted (takes around 5-7 days) it will work for you forever.

“That’s all for today folks,” says Kamila as her attention turns back to the novelty of the snow that is still falling.
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3 comments: on "Kamila Recommends Ezine Articles - Nothing But Good From It"

Marg said...

Thanks for the reminder of Ezine Articles. I need to go do that.

Eli @ Business Sphere said...

Good post. I'm an expert author, too.

But please check your spelling. You spelled Ezine as Enzine, and it's the word "Enzine" that appears in your title and texts.

Martin in Bulgaria said...

Hi Eli,
Oops a daisy! Thanks for the pointer.