Sunday, 20 December 2009

Blogsvertise Help Pay For Blogging

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Over the past year Kamila and her team have been writing paid reviews to supplement their income and help pay the overheads that are incurred in blogging. This included paying for a monthly internet service at 22 BGN leva per month, paying for the subscription fees for web servers and web domain, the electric that is used and of course the time spent blogging.

Most paid review organisations are a bit erratic but it has come to pass that one paid review site comes up with the good it originally advertise in trying to get blogger and advertisers to use them. Kamila being a blogger can obviously only see the bloggers side of the organisation. Over the year the earning made from Blogsvertise is US$116.50. This amount was made only by selecting assignments that were in common with the blogs that they were offered too. Taking all assignments offered this figure would be in excess of US$300! The US$116.50 makes a great dent into the covering of overheads of blogging from this one site alone.

Kamila cannot find fault with Blogsvertise, they regularly come up with assignments that can be taken or left without prejudice and pay monthly regularly as clockwork. The fees range from US$7 to US$12.50 per paid review and you get that amount rather then a third being taken off as commission – this is how it should be.

If there is a problem with the paid review post they let you know where the problem lies straight away, so you can edit and reapply the post. This is invaluable for dyslexics and we have one who writes in the team. And with payment direct into you Pay pal account it couldn’t be simpler.

Kamila is now waiting for Christmas to happen here in Bulgaria and will probably have four days of family parties knowing that paid reviews will be waiting in the New Year to be able to continue blogging and of course now with pictures as a digital camera has been purchased thanks to two very kind donations made by bloggers.

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“A good week ahead for all hopefully!” Kamila says.

Image by Tamar Weinberg via Flickr
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