Sunday, 31 May 2009

It's Sunday - Day Of Rest

It is Sunday today and Kamila has had a very busy week of ups and downs. The weather is great and she has decided to take a day off to relax. She certainly deserves it.It's Sunday - Day Of Rest

In this new business world of Kamila, it is important not just for camel bloggers, but other bloggers not to overdo things. Kamila knows that all work and no play can lead to problems with your health and that doesn’t help your business.

She really is quite a wise camel is Kamila!

Kamila says “Take it easy today guys! It’s Sunday”

Saturday, 30 May 2009

Kamila Decides On Pay Per Post


After yesterday’s Entrecard saga Kamila relaxed a bit and thought again about the money she earned form doing a sponsored post. It would take months to earn what she did on Entrecard and weeks on Adgitize. She enjoyed the 30 minutes it took to write the post and also had fun doing it so why not take on some more?

Kamila Decides On Pay Per PostPay Per Post seems to be the most constantly used sponsored post scheme used by bloggers when Kamila looked in forums giving advice. It isn’t the best payer, but it still rises head and shoulders against the passive earnings she is currently making.

So it was a busy Kamila applying for Pay Per Post, she hopes to get accepted, but she also knows that there will be less work offered without her own domain. She is kicking herself slightly as what she should have done was get this when first starting her blog.

Another wait is on then to see the result of her application.

“Happy Blogging” says Kamila.

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Friday, 29 May 2009

Storm In A Teacup? Yes!

Mozilla Firefox

Storm in a teacup Kamila mentioned yesturday when Entrecard locked her out! Well after all the worry and stress that Kamila went through thinking that Entrecard had turned against her, she is back in the community and all smiles. So what went wrong Kamila?

She had changed her browser to Explorer as Mozilla Firefox was playing up something rotten. That was where the problems lay. She just couldn't login under the Exploerer umbrella. She wrote numerous messages on help forum and spent the best part of a day trying to solve the problem.

This morning after a cup of tea, Kamila decided to download a new Mozilla Firefox browser version 3 and try that. Well would you belive it, she logged in straight away! That was the porblem solved and indeed a storm in a teacup!

Phew! Kamila is a worrier!

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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kamila With An Entrecard Problem

Kamila is confused, and for very good reason. She uses mozilla firefox as her default browser and recently there have been so many crashes she decided enough is enough she'll go back to explorer.

So after spending much time trying to work out how to do this, she finally got it worked out with some help and now explorer works perfectly and 'touch palm tree wood' there have been no crashes whatsoever to date. She is very happy and not frustrated with having to reboot every 20 minutes or so.

The only problem now is that Entrecard just won't let her login. The widget on her blog is promptign her to join up with Entrecard, which indicates that she is not a member although looking in from an outsider she is still part of the furniture there! Kamila has heard stories about members suddenly being 'cut out' for no reason at all and wondered whether she is now one of them. This is in Kamila's mind as she has pushed her activities on Entrecard hard over the last few weeks.

It is too early to know exactly what has happened and Kamila has emailed Entrecard to ask for another password for her to be able to login. She hopes it is a storm in a teacup in her head and that all will be resolved shortly as she really like the Entrecard community, the way it works and the user friendly aspects - Very much geared towards camel users.

So Kamila awaits a reply and can't drop any cards right now without her being able login and she apologises to all her friends out there for that.

"Chiao for Niao!" Says Kamila.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kamila Earns Enough To Feed The Family

Kamila took her first ever pay for post yesterday, Blogsvertise asked if she would like to write a post for one of their advertisers and Kamila accepted. She is really happy, as the money she got for this is enough to feed the whole family here for two or three days. She may have to wait for the post to be approved and get the money through Pay pal, but it will be money in the bank and really helps.

This is the first time Kamila has been asked to work for Blogsvertise and Kamila is sure that the extra traffic she has got over the last couple of weeks has caught their eye. She now hopes that more job may come around as she quite enjoys the work.

Blogsvertise pays a decent fee compared to some other similar pay for post sites and Kamila is more than glad that she has got off the mark with them. She may have had to write at least two or three posts for other sites for the same fee!

“Have a good day” says Kamila

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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Kamila Has Found ShopWiki - She's Excited

Kamila has been surfing the Internet and it is with great interest that she came across ShopWiki as being a women, shopping took her into the site out of curiosity. When she went into the ShopWiki site, Kamila was quite taken aback with what you can buy there – “Everything under the sun!” she told us. She found out that this ShopWiki site crawls the web for every online store without any commission interest whatsoever unlike many other online shopping from a camel’s point of view.

As she wondered around the site she came across advice for pet owners that had many of her animal relatives as pets such as dog care and her feline friends cat care. She went on to see that small pets were catered for such as hamsters and birds. She’d never seen so much advice given for free.

Now a camel being a kind of pet as well tried to look up advice on camels, but no real ones, then she realised camel aren’t really pets but working camels, but she did find a section on Lama care a cousin of hers.

Kamila knew that she was being distracted by seeing all the care advice that was being given to her animal relatives and go back into shopping mode.

“What can I buy? Kamila asked.

“Well!” we said, “You said it Kamila, Anything under the sun!

“Looks like I’ll have come back again when I’ve made my mind up,” Kamila replied, as she was now deep in thought about what she could now decide to buy ShopWiki, her new Internet site discovery.

We thought we heard Kamila whisper, “I wonder whether ShopWiki can find me a male camel friend?”

Oh dear we think Kamila has realised spring is here.

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Systems Kamila Now Uses For Entrecard

Image representing Entrecard as depicted in Cr...

Kamila is now into a routine with Entrecard. She looks up those who have dropped on her and drops back, the problem is that is doesn't really encourage new droppers to come into play.

It is a plan to expand her dropping community so what she does now is takes the last five droppers and clicks on the spndered site on that widget. By the time the round robin has completed it's cycle, she has clicked on up to 20-30 new sites and hopefully they will drop back and join the gang. It's early days, but this system should springboard more regular droppers.

Kamila has also started advertising on other Entrcard members site. Kamila's system is to advertise oln those who have advertised on here site, that is if they are not too expensive. Again early days, but this shoud bring in quite a few more drops for Kamila.

Kamila says "Bye for now."
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Monday, 25 May 2009

Out With Adsense - In With AdBrite

Image representing AdBrite as depicted in Crun...

Kamila though long and hard about gettgin rid of AdSense and the bottom line was it wasn't earning anything at all. Even when clicks were being made on the adsm Kamila found that they were only worth a couple of cents at most or nothing, more often nothing. The AdBrite system now has a chance to make a bit more hopefully.

She had to do something and now Kamila has opted for AdBrite. She will give this a go for a while as it can't do any harm. Kamila wants to make a statement about it:

Out With Adsense - In With AdBrite"I've given AdSense a chance and it didn't work out as I didn't like the idea of being financially being force out of my Entrecard membership. I though that AdBrite looks quite a good program that takes on ads in the same way, but with a free hand to do what you want on your blog."

Well Kamlia, that really does look like you have taken the right choice and the bullying tactics of Google certain was the last straw that broke the Camel's back!
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Sunday, 24 May 2009

AdSense To Go?

Google Adsense Page Navigation

Kamila has been doing a bit of research into AdSense for the very simple reason she was getting clicks on here Google AdSense ads, but they were only giving here one cent or nothing at all! She did hear that there was a rumour going about that if you are an avid user of Entrecard and you have AdSense on your blog as well, they are at loggerheads with each other.

It seems to Kamila that she might have to consider giving up AdSense if this is the case. There is no question about her giving up Entrecard as it is making more than AdSense and gives her traffic not to mention the number of friends she has there money at all at the moment as it stands.

AdSense To Go?She may decide to use another Pay Per Click system that isn’t affected by bloggers active in the Entrecard community. She is definitely looking into this right now and will give a report when she finds out about the options open.

Kamila thinks it will be a pity to lose AdSense, but she is now a business blogger trying to earn her keep and things that look pretty sitting on her blog isn’t enough, it has to be working for her.

Kamila says "Погрижи Всеки" ("Take Care Ya All")

Image by Netweb via Flickr

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Saturday, 23 May 2009

What Kamila Found Out About Keywords

What Kamila Found Out About Keywords

Keywords are something that Kamila is only beginning to find out about. She knows that if you write and article about a certain topic and use a certain word or phrase that are central to that article and these should be used as your keyword tags.

Then with this in place, if anyone uses a search engine and wants to find articles on a certain topic they are more likely to get your article if you use the keywords or phrase in your title. Put it in a few times early on in the article i.e. in the first sentence and first paragraph, perhaps highlighted in bold to give more importance to these words. They can also be used any ‘alt’ sections of pictures in your article HTML code.

Now Kamila read about this and can see why blogger do this to get higher up the search ranks and will now try and follow this SEO code of good practice – My Oh My Kamila that does sound rather geeky!

What Kamila Found Out About KeywordsAnyway Kamila though a good idea to share what she found out as it doesn’t take much effort to get the keywords in place and to do the business of getting more traffic from readers using search engines. Kamila knows that most bloggers don’t bother with this and therefore if you do you will have a distinct advantage over them.

She hope this helps bloggers a bit.

Regards to you all from Kamila.

Image by Digital Explorer via Flickr
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Friday, 22 May 2009

Entrecard Tactics Coming From Kamila

Entrecard Tactics Coming From KamilaKamila has been dropping in on Entrecards recently, but not getting much success. She says that she'd rather just drop on bloggers who had and Entrecard that can be seen on the opening page, called "Above the crease," to save time.

Lookikng at the bloggers who dropped in return to her, there wasn't many who were doing it and Kamila couldn't understand why? Then she sat down asn thought about it. There is no point dropping on blogs that don't return the compliment, there is certainly not any money in it and no traffci either.

Entrecard Tactics Coming From KamilaThen it came suddenly to Kamila, she will try dropping on all those that have dropped on her. On the dashboard is a tab called "Drops inbox". This shows all the blogger that have called and dropped on your blog. Kamila now is going to visit this and drop on all those who dropped on her and see whether the results on return are better. She is quite sure the will be and that here previous dropabove the crease blogs only was a beginners mistake.

Kamila is quite proud that she is now looking as things sensibly rather than just going at it like a camel in a china shop!

Take Care Says Kamila :)

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Thursday, 21 May 2009

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's Belt

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's BeltKamila has now joined up with CMF Ads. The prime reason in deciding to go with them is to get more traffic onto here site. Kamila know that ads on other bloggers' sites will keep here in the limelight. And of course she will oblige with taking other blogger she chooses to on her site as well.

The good thing about this is that it won't cost a penny as long as she is on someone else's site. Kamila likes doing thing on the cheap; she has learnt that now with having lived in Bulgaria for a year now.

Kamila looked at all the advantages of joining this scheme and just loved the simplicity of it.

CMF Ads gives low cost, (or no cost), no-nonsense advertising.

Ad space sharing is the name of the game here although you can pay $1.25, for 30 days if you haven't built up credit.

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's BeltKamila liked the idea of being able to set her own ad price that is set at a minimum of 1 credit (equal to $0.25). The other beauty that Kamila found was that she will earn 100% of the credits for ads placed on her site and these credits can be used to advertise or be sold back to us at 50% of the purchase price.

Thee is also a blogging forum to exchange tips and get help and for a beginner like Kamila she will find this very useful and meet new friends.

If you are already with CMF Ads and want to advertise with Kamila just click on the CMF Ads widget on the left column or on this link -> CMF Ads With Kamila The Camel

If you aren't registered yet, you can do that right here -> CMF Register

As Kamila has said before, let’s see what happens. Hopefully she will get a few takers and then she can use the credits to put here widget on other blog sites.

Kamila sends her love to all. X
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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Kamila Offers Bloggers 100 EC Credits to Join Adgitize

Kamila is so impressed with Adgitize that she reall wants others to know about it and join up and is offering 100 EC credtis to whoever does. She feels that Adgitize gives bloggers real earnings and extra traffic for nothing - You can't get better than that! What's more you can advertise and get you advertising fees back, plus surplus cash on top each month with minimum effort. Read Kamila's experience - Kamila Rolls In More Money From Adgitize

It is a Kamila who find it hard to believe that essentially you get paid to have your blog advertised across the Adgitize network! Combine this with your Entrecard, if you have one and you will be dropped on more often as well, another BIG BIG bonus of being an Adgitize member.

Kamila is so impressed she will give away 100 EC credits to anyone who joins up from her site below - ITS FREE and just takes a couple of minutes to set up and you're away! How long would it take you to earn 100 credits alone?

So, take the camel's advice, get in on Adgitize and get it running. The more members using it, the more earnings you will make.


Compliments from Kamila

----- THIS OFFER ENDS ON 31st May 2009 -----

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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Kamila Is Given Blog Directory Advice

Kamila Is Given Blog Directory AdviceKamila had a message from a business blogger friend called Richard. She was given here some advice on directories after writing about directories in her blog yesterday.

Basically the advice that was given was to combine back links from blog directories with back links from the articles submitted to article directories with topics being related to your blog keywords.

Richard says that this can deliver far more targeted traffic to your own blog.

He has compiled a list of the Top 101 Directories along with RSS Submission Sites. Kamila was very impressed when she found that there are currently 452 entries listed with no dead links. Dead links in directories is something that Kamila finds very annoying and only found out after filling in the details!

Richard went on to say that to get the best results, Kamila should try and submit a minimum of 3 and up to 5 directories a day.

His site with the directories he has compiled can be found here -> List Of Blog Directories
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Monday, 18 May 2009

Blog Directories - Boring Work But Essential

Open Directory Project front page, January 2006

Kamila is beginning to realise that there are endless tasks waiting to be done to get more traffic. One of the most boring tasks is joining up with blog directories. The same information being logged in for each directory, but it has to be done if Kamila wants to climb up the ratings and start earning more than a few cents a day.

Kamila's plan is to try and earn $5 a day, this can be done if she continues as she has been doing, but filling in directories has to be done. It's called work I suppose and work sometimes is mindnumbingly boring. What Kamila does is complete a directory entry then takes a walk in the garden or has a drink and then gets on with another one. It is like a little reward each time one is compeleted. It is still a chore she hates!

There thought that also keeps her going is that one day she will have completed all the directories and only has to deal with the new one that come into play. Now that won't happen for quite a long time, but the time will come eventually.

Kamila in the meantime has a buzz about her with her new role as business blogger. We keep telling her to spend some time relaxing in the hot weather we're having, that's much bettere than directory submissions but it won't pay the bills.

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Google Translate - Kamila Recommends It

Google Translate - Kamila Recommends ItKamila of course coming from Egypt knows that not everyone there can speak and read English. She would like her family there to understand what she is doing in Bulgaria and is why she has a translator on her blog.

It occurred to Kamila, that Google’s translator is a very useful tool to encourage non-English speaking surfers to visit her site. It is easy to put on, doesn’t take up much space and all for free of course. Kamila often uses it to convert Bulgarian text into English. Google haven’t yet found a translation fro English to Camel language, but that’s a minor grumble from Kamila.

So why doesn’t everyone have a Google translator on their site Kamila thinks? Who know? It is a big sector of the blogosphere that will be missing out without it.

To get this gadget just visit this link – Google Translate - and you can simply upload the code to you blog. Kamila hopes that this is useful for many who don’t know about it.

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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With Ads

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With AdsKamila has found another way to earna little without actually doing anything different. If you are a twitter there is now Magpie to ensure that you can convert your tweets into money by placing ads.

Kamila found out that all you have to do is register at the twitter site and then create a launch campaign that is made up of a tweet ads which will appear between your regular tweets. It was quite funny when Kamila found out that hese tweet ads are called magpie-tweets.

Like adsense and adbrite, magpie-tweets match the topics you are twittering about. Your followers will get advertisements that cater specifically for them.

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With AdsIf you use the default setting magpie-tweets are twittered on a ratio of 1:5 twitters. This of course is your progative you could put followers of by putting too many, Kamila knows if all she sees is ads, she would lose interest in that person's twitter.

Payment process is made by using PayPal. Kamila foudn the FAQ section very useful. Kamila is not considering getting a twitter account and build up her followers befro she starts the magpie ad service. No point advertising to nobody Kamila says.
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Friday, 15 May 2009

Kamila Makes A Comment

Kamila Makes A Comment

Kamila was wondering how she could get better know on the Internet and it occurred to here that there are millions of others who want to people to visit their own sites as well. If this is the case waiting for people to come to your site is not going to work, they don’t know your there.

It is a sudden realisation that if you don’t communicate it is like hiding away. The answer is to get out there and let people know you are there. Kamila is now doing this and she hopes that many people would return the compliment.

It is very simple to do as the facility for communication is already there, and waiting for her and others to use – The comment facility!

Kamila Makes A CommentKamila sees so many posts without any comments put on, if Kamila get sa comment on her blog she will reply to that comment. Most people will reply or even visit you own blog and comment as a return favour or even follow you blog. This sets up more links with other blogs, a bigger circle of blogs many of which may now comment regularly increasing your traffic.

What a simple task Kamila has found out. All this from making comments on other blogs, which is something she loves doing anyway being a nosy camel!

Image by TheCamerons via Flickr
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Thursday, 14 May 2009

How To Get A Higher Page Rank From Google

How To Get A Higher Page Rank From Google

Kamila has been learning about Google ranks pages, as this is important to getting more business. She found that it is based on a voting system. She discovered that when other sites link to her blog they get’ brownie points’ in Google’s eyes.

How To Get A Higher Page Rank From GoogleWith Kamila with masses of curiosity still on high she found that the best way to increase your page rank score is to have other high-ranked sites link to hers. This is quite tricky to achieve and involves lots of work but there is another way. If Kamila submits her site's URL to blog directories such as the DMOS or becomes a member of various blog rings she will gain much more exposure.

Kamila to date has been making friend and linking with them, that seems to work very well as well.

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