Monday, 18 May 2009

Blog Directories - Boring Work But Essential

Open Directory Project front page, January 2006

Kamila is beginning to realise that there are endless tasks waiting to be done to get more traffic. One of the most boring tasks is joining up with blog directories. The same information being logged in for each directory, but it has to be done if Kamila wants to climb up the ratings and start earning more than a few cents a day.

Kamila's plan is to try and earn $5 a day, this can be done if she continues as she has been doing, but filling in directories has to be done. It's called work I suppose and work sometimes is mindnumbingly boring. What Kamila does is complete a directory entry then takes a walk in the garden or has a drink and then gets on with another one. It is like a little reward each time one is compeleted. It is still a chore she hates!

There thought that also keeps her going is that one day she will have completed all the directories and only has to deal with the new one that come into play. Now that won't happen for quite a long time, but the time will come eventually.

Kamila in the meantime has a buzz about her with her new role as business blogger. We keep telling her to spend some time relaxing in the hot weather we're having, that's much bettere than directory submissions but it won't pay the bills.

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2 comments: on "Blog Directories - Boring Work But Essential"

Blog Traffic said...

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Kamila The Camel said...

Hello Robert,
Kamila thanks you for the useful info you have given. She will certainly pick up your tips given and this will keep her busy for quite a while. Lots of breaks between of course.