Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Kamila Has Found ShopWiki - She's Excited

Kamila has been surfing the Internet and it is with great interest that she came across ShopWiki as being a women, shopping took her into the site out of curiosity. When she went into the ShopWiki site, Kamila was quite taken aback with what you can buy there – “Everything under the sun!” she told us. She found out that this ShopWiki site crawls the web for every online store without any commission interest whatsoever unlike many other online shopping from a camel’s point of view.

As she wondered around the site she came across advice for pet owners that had many of her animal relatives as pets such as dog care and her feline friends cat care. She went on to see that small pets were catered for such as hamsters and birds. She’d never seen so much advice given for free.

Now a camel being a kind of pet as well tried to look up advice on camels, but no real ones, then she realised camel aren’t really pets but working camels, but she did find a section on Lama care a cousin of hers.

Kamila knew that she was being distracted by seeing all the care advice that was being given to her animal relatives and go back into shopping mode.

“What can I buy? Kamila asked.

“Well!” we said, “You said it Kamila, Anything under the sun!

“Looks like I’ll have come back again when I’ve made my mind up,” Kamila replied, as she was now deep in thought about what she could now decide to buy ShopWiki, her new Internet site discovery.

We thought we heard Kamila whisper, “I wonder whether ShopWiki can find me a male camel friend?”

Oh dear we think Kamila has realised spring is here.

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