Thursday, 28 May 2009

Kamila With An Entrecard Problem

Kamila is confused, and for very good reason. She uses mozilla firefox as her default browser and recently there have been so many crashes she decided enough is enough she'll go back to explorer.

So after spending much time trying to work out how to do this, she finally got it worked out with some help and now explorer works perfectly and 'touch palm tree wood' there have been no crashes whatsoever to date. She is very happy and not frustrated with having to reboot every 20 minutes or so.

The only problem now is that Entrecard just won't let her login. The widget on her blog is promptign her to join up with Entrecard, which indicates that she is not a member although looking in from an outsider she is still part of the furniture there! Kamila has heard stories about members suddenly being 'cut out' for no reason at all and wondered whether she is now one of them. This is in Kamila's mind as she has pushed her activities on Entrecard hard over the last few weeks.

It is too early to know exactly what has happened and Kamila has emailed Entrecard to ask for another password for her to be able to login. She hopes it is a storm in a teacup in her head and that all will be resolved shortly as she really like the Entrecard community, the way it works and the user friendly aspects - Very much geared towards camel users.

So Kamila awaits a reply and can't drop any cards right now without her being able login and she apologises to all her friends out there for that.

"Chiao for Niao!" Says Kamila.

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