Saturday, 16 May 2009

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With Ads

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With AdsKamila has found another way to earna little without actually doing anything different. If you are a twitter there is now Magpie to ensure that you can convert your tweets into money by placing ads.

Kamila found out that all you have to do is register at the twitter site and then create a launch campaign that is made up of a tweet ads which will appear between your regular tweets. It was quite funny when Kamila found out that hese tweet ads are called magpie-tweets.

Like adsense and adbrite, magpie-tweets match the topics you are twittering about. Your followers will get advertisements that cater specifically for them.

Magpie Tweets - Get Paid As A Twitter With AdsIf you use the default setting magpie-tweets are twittered on a ratio of 1:5 twitters. This of course is your progative you could put followers of by putting too many, Kamila knows if all she sees is ads, she would lose interest in that person's twitter.

Payment process is made by using PayPal. Kamila foudn the FAQ section very useful. Kamila is not considering getting a twitter account and build up her followers befro she starts the magpie ad service. No point advertising to nobody Kamila says.
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