Sunday, 17 May 2009

Google Translate - Kamila Recommends It

Google Translate - Kamila Recommends ItKamila of course coming from Egypt knows that not everyone there can speak and read English. She would like her family there to understand what she is doing in Bulgaria and is why she has a translator on her blog.

It occurred to Kamila, that Google’s translator is a very useful tool to encourage non-English speaking surfers to visit her site. It is easy to put on, doesn’t take up much space and all for free of course. Kamila often uses it to convert Bulgarian text into English. Google haven’t yet found a translation fro English to Camel language, but that’s a minor grumble from Kamila.

So why doesn’t everyone have a Google translator on their site Kamila thinks? Who know? It is a big sector of the blogosphere that will be missing out without it.

To get this gadget just visit this link – Google Translate - and you can simply upload the code to you blog. Kamila hopes that this is useful for many who don’t know about it.

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