Monday, 25 May 2009

Out With Adsense - In With AdBrite

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Kamila though long and hard about gettgin rid of AdSense and the bottom line was it wasn't earning anything at all. Even when clicks were being made on the adsm Kamila found that they were only worth a couple of cents at most or nothing, more often nothing. The AdBrite system now has a chance to make a bit more hopefully.

She had to do something and now Kamila has opted for AdBrite. She will give this a go for a while as it can't do any harm. Kamila wants to make a statement about it:

Out With Adsense - In With AdBrite"I've given AdSense a chance and it didn't work out as I didn't like the idea of being financially being force out of my Entrecard membership. I though that AdBrite looks quite a good program that takes on ads in the same way, but with a free hand to do what you want on your blog."

Well Kamlia, that really does look like you have taken the right choice and the bullying tactics of Google certain was the last straw that broke the Camel's back!
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