Wednesday, 13 May 2009

100 Points A Day On Adgitize - The Goal

100 Points A Day On Adgitize - The GoalKamila is now quite determined and has a goal to go for 100 points a day on Adgitize. She feels that the best way to do this is to just write a post every day. She does like blogging so this won't be like work to her. She can write about anything she wants as well.

Kamila looked up the rules fo this and for here to score the 100 points she must put her rss feed into the Adgitize system. So she went to the Member’s Lounge, chose the option to Manage Blogs, then the Edit Blog Info and finally entered her rss feed where it said Blog Rss Feed. She can now score 100 points per day for each daily post.

By the way, Kamila wasnt' to osure how to get her rss feed address. She found out that it could be found if she clicked on the rss logo and the address could be copied off the address bar when the feed is downloaded. Quite simple, even for a blogging novice camel.

Good Luck Kamila, this will earn you more each month if you keep it up.

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