Thursday, 21 May 2009

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's Belt

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's BeltKamila has now joined up with CMF Ads. The prime reason in deciding to go with them is to get more traffic onto here site. Kamila know that ads on other bloggers' sites will keep here in the limelight. And of course she will oblige with taking other blogger she chooses to on her site as well.

The good thing about this is that it won't cost a penny as long as she is on someone else's site. Kamila likes doing thing on the cheap; she has learnt that now with having lived in Bulgaria for a year now.

Kamila looked at all the advantages of joining this scheme and just loved the simplicity of it.

CMF Ads gives low cost, (or no cost), no-nonsense advertising.

Ad space sharing is the name of the game here although you can pay $1.25, for 30 days if you haven't built up credit.

CMF Ads For More Traffic - Now Under Kamila's BeltKamila liked the idea of being able to set her own ad price that is set at a minimum of 1 credit (equal to $0.25). The other beauty that Kamila found was that she will earn 100% of the credits for ads placed on her site and these credits can be used to advertise or be sold back to us at 50% of the purchase price.

Thee is also a blogging forum to exchange tips and get help and for a beginner like Kamila she will find this very useful and meet new friends.

If you are already with CMF Ads and want to advertise with Kamila just click on the CMF Ads widget on the left column or on this link -> CMF Ads With Kamila The Camel

If you aren't registered yet, you can do that right here -> CMF Register

As Kamila has said before, let’s see what happens. Hopefully she will get a few takers and then she can use the credits to put here widget on other blog sites.

Kamila sends her love to all. X
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