Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Systems Kamila Now Uses For Entrecard

Image representing Entrecard as depicted in Cr...

Kamila is now into a routine with Entrecard. She looks up those who have dropped on her and drops back, the problem is that is doesn't really encourage new droppers to come into play.

It is a plan to expand her dropping community so what she does now is takes the last five droppers and clicks on the spndered site on that widget. By the time the round robin has completed it's cycle, she has clicked on up to 20-30 new sites and hopefully they will drop back and join the gang. It's early days, but this system should springboard more regular droppers.

Kamila has also started advertising on other Entrcard members site. Kamila's system is to advertise oln those who have advertised on here site, that is if they are not too expensive. Again early days, but this shoud bring in quite a few more drops for Kamila.

Kamila says "Bye for now."
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