Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Kamila Earns Enough To Feed The Family

Kamila took her first ever pay for post yesterday, Blogsvertise asked if she would like to write a post for one of their advertisers and Kamila accepted. She is really happy, as the money she got for this is enough to feed the whole family here for two or three days. She may have to wait for the post to be approved and get the money through Pay pal, but it will be money in the bank and really helps.

This is the first time Kamila has been asked to work for Blogsvertise and Kamila is sure that the extra traffic she has got over the last couple of weeks has caught their eye. She now hopes that more job may come around as she quite enjoys the work.

Blogsvertise pays a decent fee compared to some other similar pay for post sites and Kamila is more than glad that she has got off the mark with them. She may have had to write at least two or three posts for other sites for the same fee!

“Have a good day” says Kamila

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