Sunday, 24 May 2009

AdSense To Go?

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Kamila has been doing a bit of research into AdSense for the very simple reason she was getting clicks on here Google AdSense ads, but they were only giving here one cent or nothing at all! She did hear that there was a rumour going about that if you are an avid user of Entrecard and you have AdSense on your blog as well, they are at loggerheads with each other.

It seems to Kamila that she might have to consider giving up AdSense if this is the case. There is no question about her giving up Entrecard as it is making more than AdSense and gives her traffic not to mention the number of friends she has there money at all at the moment as it stands.

AdSense To Go?She may decide to use another Pay Per Click system that isn’t affected by bloggers active in the Entrecard community. She is definitely looking into this right now and will give a report when she finds out about the options open.

Kamila thinks it will be a pity to lose AdSense, but she is now a business blogger trying to earn her keep and things that look pretty sitting on her blog isn’t enough, it has to be working for her.

Kamila says "Погрижи Всеки" ("Take Care Ya All")

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