Friday, 29 May 2009

Storm In A Teacup? Yes!

Mozilla Firefox

Storm in a teacup Kamila mentioned yesturday when Entrecard locked her out! Well after all the worry and stress that Kamila went through thinking that Entrecard had turned against her, she is back in the community and all smiles. So what went wrong Kamila?

She had changed her browser to Explorer as Mozilla Firefox was playing up something rotten. That was where the problems lay. She just couldn't login under the Exploerer umbrella. She wrote numerous messages on help forum and spent the best part of a day trying to solve the problem.

This morning after a cup of tea, Kamila decided to download a new Mozilla Firefox browser version 3 and try that. Well would you belive it, she logged in straight away! That was the porblem solved and indeed a storm in a teacup!

Phew! Kamila is a worrier!

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