Friday, 22 May 2009

Entrecard Tactics Coming From Kamila

Entrecard Tactics Coming From KamilaKamila has been dropping in on Entrecards recently, but not getting much success. She says that she'd rather just drop on bloggers who had and Entrecard that can be seen on the opening page, called "Above the crease," to save time.

Lookikng at the bloggers who dropped in return to her, there wasn't many who were doing it and Kamila couldn't understand why? Then she sat down asn thought about it. There is no point dropping on blogs that don't return the compliment, there is certainly not any money in it and no traffci either.

Entrecard Tactics Coming From KamilaThen it came suddenly to Kamila, she will try dropping on all those that have dropped on her. On the dashboard is a tab called "Drops inbox". This shows all the blogger that have called and dropped on your blog. Kamila now is going to visit this and drop on all those who dropped on her and see whether the results on return are better. She is quite sure the will be and that here previous dropabove the crease blogs only was a beginners mistake.

Kamila is quite proud that she is now looking as things sensibly rather than just going at it like a camel in a china shop!

Take Care Says Kamila :)

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