Saturday, 23 May 2009

What Kamila Found Out About Keywords

What Kamila Found Out About Keywords

Keywords are something that Kamila is only beginning to find out about. She knows that if you write and article about a certain topic and use a certain word or phrase that are central to that article and these should be used as your keyword tags.

Then with this in place, if anyone uses a search engine and wants to find articles on a certain topic they are more likely to get your article if you use the keywords or phrase in your title. Put it in a few times early on in the article i.e. in the first sentence and first paragraph, perhaps highlighted in bold to give more importance to these words. They can also be used any ‘alt’ sections of pictures in your article HTML code.

Now Kamila read about this and can see why blogger do this to get higher up the search ranks and will now try and follow this SEO code of good practice – My Oh My Kamila that does sound rather geeky!

What Kamila Found Out About KeywordsAnyway Kamila though a good idea to share what she found out as it doesn’t take much effort to get the keywords in place and to do the business of getting more traffic from readers using search engines. Kamila knows that most bloggers don’t bother with this and therefore if you do you will have a distinct advantage over them.

She hope this helps bloggers a bit.

Regards to you all from Kamila.

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