Friday, 15 May 2009

Kamila Makes A Comment

Kamila Makes A Comment

Kamila was wondering how she could get better know on the Internet and it occurred to here that there are millions of others who want to people to visit their own sites as well. If this is the case waiting for people to come to your site is not going to work, they don’t know your there.

It is a sudden realisation that if you don’t communicate it is like hiding away. The answer is to get out there and let people know you are there. Kamila is now doing this and she hopes that many people would return the compliment.

It is very simple to do as the facility for communication is already there, and waiting for her and others to use – The comment facility!

Kamila Makes A CommentKamila sees so many posts without any comments put on, if Kamila get sa comment on her blog she will reply to that comment. Most people will reply or even visit you own blog and comment as a return favour or even follow you blog. This sets up more links with other blogs, a bigger circle of blogs many of which may now comment regularly increasing your traffic.

What a simple task Kamila has found out. All this from making comments on other blogs, which is something she loves doing anyway being a nosy camel!

Image by TheCamerons via Flickr
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