Sunday, 28 March 2010

Growing Crops Versus Blogging As An Investment

It is a busy Kamila, but not blogging right now. Funny though, even though she hasn't blogged for a few weeks the traffic she get is still running really well. Kamila understand that many loyal EC and Adgitise friends remain dropping on her event hough she hasn't had the time to reciprocate for a while and this is appreciated.

A question that cam into Kamila's mind recently is how long would it take for you Google ranking to drop if you suddenly stop blogging for a while? She know many blogs that haven't had any new postings for over six months yet they still hold a high Google PR. Surely Google must weigh this up and take account for it, or is the traffic still high on these static blogs through links that this is more of a major weight on PR?

It iw not that Kamila is going AWOL for six months but she is taking a little backwater time now spring is here and the manual work really begins off line. After all, investment in the spring and summer pay off with produce food for the next winter. Sometimes Kamila thinks that the time invested in farming crops is a more effective form of return than blogging! How much is a kilogram of tomatoes grown worth compared to earnings from Adsense or Project Wonderful, no competition the tomatoes win hands down!

So making money by blogging out of the growing season makes sense, but to be stuck in front of a laptop with the sun shining on the land waiting to be sown with seeds is not financially prudent. Perhaps this may give other bloggers tied to their blogs a little thought.
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Monday, 15 March 2010

Money To Be Made Out Of Fools

When Kamila just fell into a website by accident she came across a get rich quick themed site and this is what she read:

  • Get 100% FREE shares
  • No work
  • No Investment
  • No purchase
  • No risk
  • It really is a 100% FREE offer
How can anyone believe such promises was the first reaction form Kamila as the points were gone through. The message basically give the promise of something for nothing and in this world Kamila knows that nothing is free, there is always someone somewhere who has to pay. There is someone who makes a profit from fictitious offers like this so what's the catch?

Kamila of course will never find out the catch as she will not waste time trying to find out. All that she knows is that this is a scam and getting involved in scams should be avoided at all cost as time is the most important element to most people online.

Anyone who looks at the statement points above and believes them must be a fool. Mind you, the scam merchants make their money from fools so there is always a demand it seems. Why would they advertise is there wasn't a demand?

Kamila is so glad she isn't a fool.

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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hits4Pay - Another Scammer

Well it has been some time since becoming part of a click for pay scheme that promises little but often money on a regular basis. All you have to do is wait for an email then click on the links and open up an advertisers site fro 30 seconds and 2 cents is yours.

The biggest attraction for Kamila with this was the £10 sign up fee that they promise and give and with a $25 payout level it seemed that money was assured. Kamila signed up in July 2006, yes nearly four years ago. Since this time she has clicked on every ad that was sent through email and picked up a couple of customers where she gets 1 cent per click from them. There has been no time where she has not taken offers of pay per click jobs.

Look at this!

Since July 2006 the earnings have been on $1.39 (plus of course the $10 sign up fee!

How long would it be before the $25 dollar payout level is reached. Well Kamila would be dead and buried from old age by the time that happens.

Even with 100 people being referred it would still take decades before that payout mark is reached. The bottom line is that it is a scam.

There is no intention to pay out from this scheme as they ensure you never reach that $25! Just like the scammers Blogadvertisingstore, they get bloggers who need the money wasting their and effort with this scam.

So if you see an advert for Hits4Pay

My, my, Kamila is finding out about many scams recently and it is a much wiser camel who tread the web right now. 

Kamila's says, "I hope many of you haven't wasted too much time on this scammer!"
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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Top EC Droppers For February

Another short month past and Kamila makes the awards to the top ten Entrcard droppers for February. Here's the list:

Dropper# of drops
Winesworld's blog30
Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide30
Lakbay Philippines30
Funky Town Disco Music25
One World Realty25
The Sewing Mom22
Nature's Beauty And Fury In Pictures21
Tyson Chaney's Life 200020

Seems like wine is the flavour of the month with Winesworld's Blog and Winesworld The Amateurs Wine Guide picking up 1st and 2nd place. Well done and well done to all top ten droppers who now get EC credits as a thank you.

Kamila says "Spring is on its way, let's hope winter is just a memory now!"